Am I Racist? Discover the Signs

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 7 months ago
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Oof, this is a strong word nowadays. People are finally starting to think in terms of equality and highlight the instances f hate from public figures. In the light of such a public "hunt," many of us start to wonder, "Am I Racist?" It's time for people to start paying attention to their behavior and assessing what type of person they are.

Unfortunately, even despite many movements promoting equality, we are far from the perfect community where everyone can feel safe and loved. There is still hate and hateful people. Some humans are just bitter and have to share their venom worldwide.

If you've been wondering whether you have racist tendencies or not, not all is lost! You recognize the need for people to review their behavior and are willing to take an honest look at yourself.

Are Your Racist Test

am i racist test
This quiz is meant to uncover the tendencies of your behavior and thoughts and whether you feature racist elements in them. It will not be directed at one single race and its discrimination. It'll take the overall look at your attitude towards people in general. Being racist is not about a particular race; it's about inequality and personal traits.

And although I believe all the readers will get the negative answer, the reality dictates that at least a small percentage will not. As a result, I hope that a positive answer will encourage you to change your mindset and do something to become better. Like making friends with people of different races and learning how cool they are. You may need to broaden your horizons and learn to accept people.

All in all, this is a test made for entertainment purposes. However, if it helps at least one person to see that their tendencies are, in fact, racist and change them, I'd think my mission is done. If I can change even one person in regard to racism, this is a brighter day for society. That person will change someone else's opinion and so on. This is a circle of love, support, and understanding. And I'm not saying this as a hippy; I'm saying this to make the world a better place bit by bit.

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