The Big Bang Theory Trivia Quiz for Fans

Big bang theory


Big Bang Theory is one of the leading sitcoms of the 2000s and 2010s. Today, you can watch it on such streaming platforms as HBO Max, iTunes, GooglePlay, Netflix, and so on.

The story tells about four scientists/good friends with somewhat nerdy hobbies living their lives, falling in love, progressing in their careers, and so on.

Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, and Raj are good friends. Yes, they have their differences, but they only serve as a humor reprieve. Their friendship is as strong as ever. Later, we see a set of female characters firmly enter the guys’ lives: Penny, Bernadette, and Amy.

As you see, the premise is simple - the guys simply live their lives, and we get the honor to laugh alongside them.

However, considering that you are here to take a trivia quiz on the show, you should already know all the main characters and their life stories. After all, they’ll be the center of this quiz’ attention. I hope you remember all the 12 seasons well!

The Big Bang Theory Quiz

tbbt quiz

As I’ve already mentioned, this quiz will test your knowledge of the characters and their life stories. To complete it successfully, you have to know all the seasons. Plus, several of the questions will focus on the minor recurring characters as well as celebrity cameos.

Among all the Big Bang Theory quizzes, you’ll find great diversity in the question topics. This one excludes most of the science-related details. I won’t ask you about the guy’s work and how exactly physics laws work. I believe this is Sheldon’s specialty. After all, you’ve got an iconic “what is science” lecture from him in one of the episodes.

The Big Bang Theory Characters

tbbt quiz

One of the exciting questions about the series is what character you like the most. It’s probably the one that you relate to the most, right?

And you’ve got a colorful selection of characters and behaviors from this show. I’m sure some of us often feel as clueless as Penny; some are as organized as Sheldon, or as lonely as Amy in the beginning. At times, we can combine different qualities and become shy, a bit perverted, exasperated, goal-oriented, etc., as each of the characters can be defined.

Thus, the question is, who do you feel like most of the time. And who you’d like to be similar to.
If you cannot determine it yourself, I can offer a personality quiz on the fandom. Would you like to take a Big Bang Theory character quiz?

For now, I can offer a similar test on Who Are You From The Office. This one is yet another iconic sitcom that has millions of fans worldwide. And the test will uncover your true self in the small office world of the fandom.

In conclusion, I’d like to highlight that there are numerous TV shows online that you can like and enjoy. However, it takes a certain quality for a show to be just as enjoyable after several re-watches.