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Brooklyn 99 is a cop comedy series that features the work and life of the 99th Brooklyn Precinct. The show's main characters are the members of the squad:

  • Jake Peralta
  • Raymond Holt
  • Rosa Diaz
  • Terry Jeffords
  • Amy Santiago
  • Charles Boyle
  • Gina Linetti
  • Michael Hitchcock
  • Norm Scully
These are the leading detectives and office workers of the Precinct who have been entertaining the public for eight years already.
Currently, the show is available to watch on the following streaming services:

  • Netflix (certain countries)
  • Hulu
  • Peacock Premium
  • Amazon Prime
  • iTunes
Overall, a Brooklyn 99 marathon is a pleasurable and fun experience. Besides, after that, you'll be able to ace this quiz!

Brooklyn 99 Quiz Details

brooklyn 99 quiz
If you are already a big fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and have watched the whole series, you can easily pass this quiz as it's a trivia test. Your result will be based on how well you remember small and big details about the main characters.

To slightly heighten the complexity of the quiz, I've decided to add a couple of details about some minor characters as well. Don't worry; they are all recurring characters! I'm sure you'll remember such memorable guys!

The rules of this game are simple - you get a Brooklyn 99 trivia question and four answers. Only one is correct. So, choose wisely.

Interesting Brooklyn 99 Trivia

brooklyn 99 quiz
Before you start the quiz, as true fans, I believe you might be interested in some facts about the series and its creation.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Pitch

The show was so promising that several networks chased after it! The pitch and the pilot received massive attention from several agents, which is a whopping success when many new shows struggle to grab air time anywhere.

Brooklyn 99 is just so good!

Gina Was Special

It's really a big deal when screenwriters create a character specifically for the actor. And Chelsea Peretti was honored with the tailored character of Gina. Just as the show depicts the life-long friendship between Jake and Gina, the actors portraying them grew up and worked together. So, the writers decided to take advantage of such a close relationship to build a similar one!

Plus, I just have to mention that Terry Jeffords was also highly inspired by the actor portraying the role. Thus, writers took many skills and characteristics of Terry Crews and transferred them to the detective in question!

Police Training

With all the hilarious jokes and light humor, it's easy to forget that the show is about police officers. And while all the actors are masters of comedy, they had to undergo specialized police training to correctly depict the more serious parts of episodes.

The whole main cast went through some series of boot camp training at the Glendale Police Department. Thus, remember that their actions are as close to real-life as possible!

Hot Damn Was Improvised!

Yes, one of the most iconic phrases of the show wasn't originally in the script. Instead, Andre Braugher just came up with it!

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Trivia Quiz for Geniuses Questions

brooklyn 99 quiz What was Jake's position in a baseball team when he was young?
  • center fielder

  • shortstop

  • catcher

  • baserunner

brooklyn 99 quiz Which of these names is not a nickname for Jake's characters?
  • Jake-in-the-box

  • Herman the Janitor

  • Joke Peralta

  • Jake the Ripper

brooklyn 99 quiz Douglas Judy is also known as
  • Big Doug

  • The Sheriff

  • Pontiac Bandit

  • Ding Dong

brooklyn 99 quiz Charles was once shot in the butt trying to save one of his coworkers. Who?
  • Rosa

  • Jake

  • Gina

  • Terry

brooklyn 99 quiz Which of these is not a tell of Raymond lying?
  • his left eye twitching

  • corner of his mouth moves

  • he uses contractions

brooklyn 99 quiz Who's the best dancer on the squad?
  • Jake

  • Holt

  • Norm

  • Amy

brooklyn 99 quiz How many daughters does Terry have?
  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

  • 4

brooklyn 99 quiz In what country did Terry study during his junior year in college?
  • Japan

  • China

  • South Korea

  • Thailand

brooklyn 99 quiz What's the name of Terry's right breast?
  • Flynn

  • Eugene

  • Jackson

  • Michael

brooklyn 99 quiz True or false: Norm's ex-wife and dog are named the same - Jessy.
  • true

  • false

brooklyn 99 quiz Which two characters were named after the show's writer/producers?
  • Norm and Gina

  • Charles and Mike

  • Norm and Mike

  • Charles and Gina

brooklyn 99 quiz Charles' son's name is
  • Maxim

  • Mikhail

  • Dmitriy

  • Nikolaj

brooklyn 99 quiz In pilot, Jake quotes:
  • Donnie Brasco

  • Scarface

  • The Godfather

  • Snatch

brooklyn 99 quiz What's the name of a detective who appears only in the Pilot and is never seen again?
  • Boot

  • Daniels

  • Wazowski

  • Rodriguez

brooklyn 99 quiz What's the name of a detective who's been undercover for 12 years?
  • Adrian Pimento

  • Teddy Ramos

  • Keith Pembroke

  • Jason Stentley

brooklyn 99 quiz What's the name of Holt's corgi?
  • Mozzarella

  • Monterey Jack

  • Feta

  • Cheddar

brooklyn 99 quiz In what season does Jake attempt to steal Holt's watch for Halloween?
  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

  • 4

brooklyn 99 quiz Jake is allergic to
  • strawberry

  • bees

  • kiwi

  • cats

brooklyn 99 quiz Who's Jake's favorite musician?
  • Taylor Swift

  • Jay Z

  • Michael Jackson

  • Mariah Carey

brooklyn 99 quiz True or false: Amy Santiago has 7 brothers.
  • true

  • false

brooklyn 99 trivia According to the Santiago Drunkenness Scale, at which drink is Amy "weirdly confident"?
  • 3

  • 5

  • 7

  • 8

brooklyn 99 quiz Who wins the criminal arrest bet?
  • Jake

  • Amy

brooklyn 99 quiz What's the prize of Boyle Bingo?
  • 1 slap

  • 3 slaps

  • $100

  • $300

brooklyn 99 quiz What's Gina's favorite cop movie?
  • Rush Hour

  • Die Hard

  • Hot Fuzz

  • Bad Boys

brooklyn 99 quiz What's the name of a drug that grants Doug Judy "special treatment" in season two?
  • Mary Rose

  • The Rampage

  • Giggle Pig

  • Grumpy Santa

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