Supernatural Trivia Only Long-Time Fans Can Pass

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Supernatural Monsters and Beings List: 

  • demons 
  • angels
  • leviathans 
  • werewolves 
  • jins
  • vampires
  • hellhounds
  • horsemen of the Apocalypse 
  • minor gods (e.g., trickster) 
This is the list of the most popular and fascinating supernatural creatures shown in the TV series!
Supernatural is an iconic horror and fantasy series that has been keeping the audience captured for the last 15 years! Besides, when it comes to the TV series featuring supernatural elements in an "urban" setting, this show is the first that comes to mind to millions of people around the world.

For any supernatural situation in your life, you can find an episode from the show that explains it all. And during the whole 15 seasons, the writers created a complex world, much like ours but a bit more twisted. As far as we know, at least. Maybe hunters have saved us from an Apocalypse a couple of times already!

What Is This Supernatural Trivia About?

supernatural test
This quiz covers the first half of the series. It is meant for the hardcore old fans, who've been keeping with the series since the first couple of seasons. Are you a long-time fan like me? Then I guess your memories may be a bit rusty if you haven't rewatched it at least once! Though, I'm sure you'll remember the essential details I'll be asking. And a few minor but very interesting ones!

If you are a new fan and have already seen the initial seven or eight seasons recently, you'll easily pass the quiz if you are a true fan and notice cool details!

Are you up for the task? Let's see how well you remember the stuff!

Supernatural Quiz Details

This is a simple trivia quiz that comes with four options. One of them is correct, the other three not so much! I'm sure you are familiar with the concept through your school tests!

In the end, you'll get the result in the exact number of correct answers. Also, you'll see all incorrect answers! Thus, you can google interesting trivia about Supernatural and learn new stuff.

What Are the Most Unusual Creatures in Supernatural?

supernatural quizzes
While Supernatural features many standard supernatural creatures and beings typically shown on TV, some of their cases involve rare monsters! Do you remember the most unusual beings you've seen during the span of the series? Werewolves, ghouls, and demons not included?


This is a Slavic pagan god that is not as common in modern series as it should be. This is a powerful shapeshifter that is far more elusive than the werewolves! It can turn into anyone at any time! That is truly a superstrength.


While imaginary childhood friends are common, giving them a name and a separate "species" is quite unusual. Supernatural was the one and only show that depicted them in such an extraordinary way.

Flying Monkey

Yes, we all know the origins of flying monkeys, and Supernatural isn't the only show/movie/franchise to depict them, but you still rarely see these creatures on TV! Besides, these would be massively annoying creatures, I'm sure!

If you want more Tv show-related quizzes, I can recommend a Doctor Who Trivia Quiz!

Supernatural Trivia Only Long-Time Fans Can Pass Questions

supernatural quiz What language do angels in Supernatural speak?
  • Medefaidrin

  • Balaibalan

  • Enochian

  • Teonaht

supernatural trivia What's his name?
  • Garth Fitzgerald II

  • Garth Fitzgerald III

  • Garth Fitzgerald IV

  • Garth Fitzgerald

supernatural quiz Who was the first owner of THE Impala?
  • Dean Winchester

  • Sal Moriarty

  • John Winchester

  • Bobby Singer

supernatural trivia quiz Anna Milton was really a
  • prophet

  • demon

  • angel

  • banshee

supernatural quiz Jared Padalecki's wife plays ..... on Supernatural.
  • Ruby

  • Meg

  • Amara

  • Lilith

supernatural quiz True or false: Sam and Dean are the only two characters to be featured in every episode.
  • true

  • false

supernatural quiz When is Sam's birthday?
  • April, 22

  • May, 2

  • August, 18

  • November, 23

supernatural quiz What is the name of Sam's girlfriend in the first episode?
  • Emy

  • Eileen

  • Becky

  • Jessica

supernatural quiz What is the name of Dean's "not son!" if you know what I'm talking about?
  • Ben

  • Steve

  • Daniel

  • Kith

supernatural quiz Which of the character has time-traveled more?
  • Sam

  • Dean

  • Abaddon

  • Castiel

supernatural quiz What Supernatural season has the least number of episodes?
  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

  • 4

  • 5

  • 6

  • 7

  • 8

  • 9

  • 10

  • 11

  • 12

  • 13

  • 14

  • 15

supernatural quiz What was the last 66th seal to be broken in order to release Lucifer?
  • Dean torturing people in Hell

  • Sam killing Lilith

  • the raise of Samhain

  • raisiing Death

supernatural quiz What famous phrase was said in the episode in a mental hospital?
  • I Killed Hitler

  • Pudding!

  • I Lost My Shoe

  • We've Got Work to Do

supernatural trivia quiz What does the license plate on Impala in season 1 state?
  • KAZ 2Y5

  • CNK 80Q3

  • KAZ 40Z8

  • CNK 7K3

supernatural trivia quiz In what season does Jo die?
  • 4

  • 5

  • 6

  • 7

supernatural trivia quiz Winchesters on several occasions met a trickster Loki who was really
  • archangel Gabriel

  • archangel Raphael

  • angel Nathaniel

  • Balthazar

supernatural trivia quiz True or false: Season one is the only season to not feature an angel?
  • true

  • false

supernatural test Are your Leviathans older or younger than angels?
  • older

  • younger

supernatural test With what weapon did Dean kill Leviathan Sam?
  • the colt

  • a fire ax

  • a chainsaw

  • a katana

supernatural test Which of these things is not a weakness to vampires? Supernatural-verse.
  • sunlight

  • physical injuries

  • vervain

  • dead human's blood

supernatural test What kind of a Supernatural entity is featured in the first case the boys research together?
  • ghost

  • werewolf

  • vampire

  • wendigo

supernatural test The prophetic Supernatural books were written by
  • Jack Kline

  • Adam Milligan

  • Chuck Shurley

  • Cuthbert Sinclair

supernatural trivia Which of these demons was previously a King of crossroads?
  • Alastair

  • Azazel

  • Cain

  • Crowley

supernatural trivia Which of the four Horsemen of Apocalypse is known as The Pale Horseman?
  • War

  • Famine

  • Pestilence

  • Death

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