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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 7 months ago
 The latest Doctor Who Doctors rating posted by DigitalSpy based on the average rating of the seasons shows the following Time Lords incarnations ranks: (from least popular to the most popular)

  • Thirteenth Doctor
  • Eighth Doctor
  • Sixth Doctor
  • Seventh Doctor
  • First Doctor
  • Fifth Doctor
  • Second Doctor
  • Third Doctor
  • Fourth Doctor
  • Twelfth Doctor
  • Ninth Doctor
  • Tenth Doctor
  • Eleventh Doctor
This rating determines the popularity of each Doctor based on the average rating of all seasons featuring them. However, such a way of listing them does not coincide with the general rankings based on the individual fan polls. According to them, the most frequent leaders of the ranking are the Tenth Doctor and the Fourth Doctor.

What is your opinion on the matter? Which Doctor do you like the most and the least? Share your personal rating in the comments section!

This Doctor Who quiz covers the series overall. It includes trivia about the classic era of Doctor Who as well as its modern reintroduction. Are you a devoted fan who knows all the exciting details of the show that spans over half a century! You are in for a tough ride down the memory line!

For now, let's take a short break, a minute of fun to check some interesting facts about the series and its actors.

Kids Show

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Did you know that, initially, Doctor WHo was meant to be a kid's show? Today, it is still not a gory fantasy or a 16+ horror series, but the show has shifted towards older audiences, starting from teens and onwards.

The initial thought was to introduce Doctor Who to younger audiences and, thus, teach them about various aspects of life and educate them. 

First Doctor's Regeneration

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The concept of regeneration was not the initial plan for the mythology of the Doctor (which is covered by this Doctor Who trivia test). However, the initial actor, William Hartnell, was having health-related issues. Thus, the crew came up with the idea of regeneration to make sure that the show goes on without Hartnell well.

As his deteriorating health became an obstacle for filming, it was time to plant the idea into action. 

The TARDIS is "a chameleon"

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We all know that the TARDIS looks like a police box. Always! However, that is not by design. TARDIS shouldn't always look like a police box. By default, it uses a cloaking device to blend in with the environments it lands in. However, the Doctor's TARDIS has a malfunction that disrupts the process. Thus, whenever and wherever he travels, it looks the same. 

Daleks could be way scarier.

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Initially, Ridley Scott was meant to create Daleks' design (the guy responsible for Alien!). Unfortunately, Scott left the network before he could work on these aliens. And we'll never know what fascinating imagery he would create for the creatures. Not to neglect the accomplishments of the Doctor Who crew of old days, but Daleks are no scarier than R2-D2.

Say, are any of these facts new to you? Personally, I didn't know any of them!

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