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By: Denis Priesnov
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Have you noticed that other people see colors somewhat differently? Have they talked about the things you don't notice or understand? Are you sure you are not colorblind? You can be partially colorblind and don't notice it until someone says something that doesn't add up.
Today, we'll check whether you are a colorblind person. And what you see differently from the set standard.

There are many types of colorblindness. The most severe is not seeing colors at all. However, this is a rare occurrence. In most cases, people have issues with differentiating several colors. The most common are red/green and blue/yellow.

In this quiz, we'll take a look at many pictures and will try to determine how you see colors. And may not even know it when you have a slight form of color blindness.
But before we start the quiz, let's talk about the condition and the methods to bring back colors to your life! Pun intended.

What Is Colorblindness

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In most cases, colorblindness is a genetic condition. It runs in families and brings no harm to people.
On rare occasions, colorblindness is caused by physical damage to the eye or to the brain. Plus, cataracts may affect how you see colors with age.

When it's a genetic peculiarity, discovering colorblindness in a person may be a tricky task. The reason is the symptoms being too mild. A person with slight c. blindness can live a happy life unsuspecting of their condition. Primarily when it's expressed in just how bright colors are for them.

A few conditions and diseases increase your chances for color b. later in life. among them, The National Eye Institute enlists:

  • Have a family history of color blindness
  • Have certain eye diseases, like glaucoma or age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
  • Take certain medicines
  • Have specific health problems, like diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, or multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Are white
  • Are female
Yes, strangely, females are more prone to colorblindness than men despite the common stereotype (or fact?) of them being gurus of seeing various shades and men not differentiating so much.

Can You Treat Colorblindness?

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Unfortunately, no. You cannot treat colorblindness in most cases. If it's genetic, you are to live with it for the rest of your life. If some other illness causes it, it may go away when treating the initial cause. In any case, you should visit a doctor and consult on dealing with your issue.

You can change specialized glasses and lenses if your case is hereditary to correct colorblindness. Fortunately, our experts have found a way to place the colors back in place for people with different types of color b. Plus, technologies have gone a long way, and now you can use specific apps and devices as visual aids. They augment color, and you can see a picture in its natural colors. Cool if you can't wear lenses or glasses! And they give you more freedom in settings.

Anyway, I just want to highlight that color blindness is a condition, not a disease. People still live a full life and have to be treated with respect and as equals. Be kind to people!

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