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One thing that the majority of Earth's population neglects to notice is the divine nature of our souls and the Universal connection of all. Awakened souls get a deeper understanding of the intricate ways all the souls are choosing their paths in the Universe. Their purpose is to bring love and peace to society. To guide newly awakened souls and complete the destination they've chosen for themselves when coming here to Earth. They are Starseeds.

If you are a Starseed, you feel the deep connections of everything here on Earth and everywhere among the stars. Your soul has lived multiple lives here on this planet and probably on other planets in different galaxies and systems. And you've chosen to come here; you've chosen your life on Earth.

If you've ever taken a look at the stars and felt some subconscious connection, you may be a Starseed yourself! Thus, this quick quiz will help to guide you through the signs of your soul awakening and discovering your true nature. Take this quiz lightly and answer how your soul tells you. Do not use logic; use your heart instead.

Starseed Quiz: Types

There are three main categories of Starseed:

  • Typical Starseeds
  • Old Soul Starseeds
  • New Starseeds

Typical Starseeds are those souls with around 5-50 lifetimes on Earth. They are considered the "preparation" lifetimes that help to determine a soul's purpose and get used to living as a human being.

These are the old souls who've come here to teach and share their knowledge. And to lead new seeds to awaken. They have abilities to channel and heal. This is the most numerous group of Starseeds. Chances are you are one of them. The other two groups are less numerous.

Old Soul Starseeds are with hundreds of lifetimes here. They are so old that they can even precede the beginning of Earth. The purpose of these seeds is to guard the planet. They are the guardian of humanity's development. Old souls also have a strong connection to Sirius, with it being the guardian of Earth as well. These are the lightworkers, shamans, healing, etc.

New Starseeds are the young souls with only a couple of lifetimes here. So chances are, this is your first time here as well. Considering that Earth is going through collective ascension, it's the perfect time for young seeds to come and assimilate. These seeds are meant to drive the ascension and bring their gifts to humanity.

Starseed Test


There are numerous types of Starseed within these three categories. Unfortunately, I can't add them all to this quiz, or it'd take hours for you to complete it. Instead, it gathers the most numerous types of Starseeds on Mother Earth to determine the one that resonates with you. You'll get a type that is close to your purpose and lifetimes count.

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