Creepypasta Quiz: Only True Horror Fans Can Pass!

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 4 months ago
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Creepypasta - a horror legend that is shared around the Internet.

Some of the most popular classic creepypasta characters are:

  • Slenderman
  • Jeff the Killer
  • Laughing Jack
  • BEN Drowned
  • Ted the Caver
  • The Rake
  • Smile Dog
  • The Russian Sleep Experiment
Creepypastas are the equivalent of modern urban legends. While the legends were passed by word of mouth, the new creepy stories are usually shared on the Internet.

I guarantee that you've heard at least a couple of creepy stories that fill the web today. You've probably even watched them in the movies, such as Slenderman!

Wanna check how many creepypasta stories you know? And if you are sure of your creepy skill, I've prepared a few details for you that you'll have to try to remember for this test.

What Are the Origins of a Creepypasta Quiz? 

creepypasta quiz
Creepypastas are born online. Nobody knows for sure whether the stories are real or not. Usually, people find the original source of most stories, but many legends remain anonymous. And the fact that there is n clear author makes the pastas even scarier. At least to me.

Some people share their "personal true stories" on dedicated forums, some scary stories you can find simply on Reddit. In the end, they all end up on the dedicated Creepypasta Fandom Wiki pages. Of which I know two:

Creepypasta Fandom Wiki

Creepypasta Files Wiki

What Questions are in this creepypasta Test? 

creepypasta quiz
The world of creepypasta is enormous, and you never know what kind of story can come up in this trivia quiz. Moreover, I don't know that as well yet. As I write this intro, I only start gathering all the fantastic pastas in this quiz.

The only thing I can guarantee you is that the most iconic stories/characters will be present. Along with some of the lesser-known new additions to the world of horrors.

Also, I'd like to create a list of your favorite pastas for the quiz sequel. Would you get a bit harder questions? Or even more rare stories? I'd like to like some new creepypastas that will bring me goosebumps and sleepless nights. Can you suggest anything?

What Are Some Cool Creepypasta Quotes to Remember at Night?

Which Creepypasta Are You?

Wanna uncover what creepypasta you are? Just choose the phrase you like the most!

And here is the peak of my day! I've gathered a few cool creepypasta quotes, mottos, or killing screams, and catchphrases, so I can read them right before going to bed. Yes, I know what my readers like;)

"Go to sleep!"

? Jeff the Killer

"You shouldn't have done that."

Ben Drowned

Spread the word'

Smile Dog

Don't go to sleep, you'll never wake up'

Jane the Killer

Always watching - no eyes'


He Comes


You can't spell slaughter without laughter OR pop goes the weasel!'

Laughing Jack

Which of these phrases do you like the best? Personally, I'm a big fan of the opposition between Jeff and Jane's phrases. But, considering their story, it's not surprising. Also, I think BEN has a memorable catchphrase!

All in all, I wish you sweet dreams after this quiz!

If you need more thrill in your blood after this quiz, I can also suggest this: Can You Survive Stranger Things?

Creepypasta Quiz: Only True Horror Fans Can Pass! Questions

Creepypasta test Username: 666 is also known as
  • Penpal

  • Nico Nico Douga

  • the Dutch Takkenmann

  • Jake Norman

Creepypasta test Which of these things is not required for The Midnight Game?
  • salt

  • a wooden door

  • blood

  • mirror

Creepypasta test For The Midnight Game, how many times do you have to knock?
  • 3

  • 7

  • 13

  • 22

Creepypasta test In what part of the US was The Rake noticed in 2003?
  • northeastern

  • northwestern

  • southeastern

  • southwestern

Creepypasta test How many people were the test subjects in the Russian Sleep Experiment?
  • 4

  • 5

  • 6

  • 7

Creepypasta test BEN Drowned is a creepypasta of what game cartridge?
  • Silent Hill

  • The Legend of Zelda

  • Mario Party

  • Tomb Rider

Creepypasta test In the episode Dead Bart, how does Bart die?
  • hit by an ice cream truck

  • shredded by a lawn mower

  • drowned in wet cement

  • sucked out of an airplane

Creepypasta test What does The Rugrats theory say?
  • All the Rugrats are dead

  • this is the world where all grwn-ups are dead

  • the other kids are in Angelica's imagination

  • Angelica is actually a grown-up with mental problems

Creepypasta test What was the name of Jeff's brother?
  • Patrick

  • Tommy

  • Kith

  • Liu

Creepypasta test What was the name of a boy who owned Laughing Jack?
  • Isaac

  • Henry

  • Edward

  • William

Creepypasta test What's the name of Sally's creepypasta story?
  • The Dollhouse

  • My Family

  • Play With Me

  • The Punishing Hand

Creepypasta test What's the name of Slenderman's parody?
  • CaptainMan

  • Butchman

  • Hipsterman

  • Offenderman

creepypasta trivia What was the name of the girl who received Annabelle as a gift?
  • Emma

  • Donna

  • Lou

  • Angie

creepypasta trivia Which of these poems you should never read aloud?
  • Tomino's Hell

  • The Cat in the Hat Strikes Back

  • Into the Further You Go

  • The Raven

creepypasta quiz People come to the Lightless City to get what?
  • revenge

  • immortality

  • somebody dead back alive

  • love

creepypasta quiz In the story about the Bunnyman Bridge, who was the Bunny Man?
  • a child slaughtered by his father

  • a perverted lockal cuckoo

  • a priest who took upon himself "the divine scourge"

  • an escape asylum patient

creepypasta quiz Which of these is not a part of the Slenderman mythos?
  • Masky

  • Hoodie

  • Ticci Toby

  • Jason the Toymaker

creepypasta quiz What was the creator (and broadcaster) of Channel Caledon Local 21 called?
  • Bugman

  • Gurgles

  • Mr. Bear

  • The Man

creepypasta quiz Who is this: He Who Waits Behind the Wall, has seven mouths, the Horror.
  • The Slender Man

  • The Astrogater

  • Azawakh

  • Zalgo

creepypasta quiz Whose catchphrase is this: YOU'VE MET WITH A TERRIBLE FATE, HAVEN'T YOU?
  • Ticci Toby

  • The Rake

  • Sally

  • BEN

creepypasta quiz Under what file name should you be looking for a disturbing Mickey Mouse video by Disney?
  • mickeysecretfile.avi

  • donotopenwalt.avi

  • mickeymouse.avi

  • suicidemouse.avi

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