Can You Survive Stranger Things?

Stranger Things Quiz


The Stranger things series premiered back in 2016. It was an immediate hit among the Netflix audience and, later, spread far and beyond. Today, the fans are awaiting the 4th season of the show in hopes of the great finale. This Stranger Thing quiz will help you to prepare for the grand foes of the upcoming season.

The enemies and horror of the show have been escalating throughout the seasons. Little by little, we got to see the discovery of a different dimension, more and more people with superpowers, and horrifying monsters, more and more powerful each time. We've reached the point where the heroes have to face the greatest evil on Earth to eliminate it once and for all.

That is truly a scary world where you can be attacked from the Upside Down at any moment. So far, the major chartered managed to stand strong against the foes. But some deaths were unavoidable. Will they be able to survive in the upcoming battle? Only time will tell.
But what about you? Could you survive in a world where the Upside Down existed? Are you prepared to fight the monsters? Do you have the right skills and intuition? Let's check in this Stranger Things test.

The Dangers of Stranger Things

Like the favorite game of the Stranger Things young heroes, the TV Hawkins is full of dangers. Both of the human and monster nature. You have to be very careful and resourceful to stay alive in that universe. And be extremely lucky to come victorious.

The Monsters

The Upside Down is the world full of monsters. We've seen only several of them. There sure are more lurking around and trying to find their way to our reality. The few that we know are:

  1. Demogorgon. This is the first creature that we see. The main protagonist of the first season seemed an incredibly powerful monster at the time. Oh, how naive we were.
  2. Mind Flayer is behind the attack. Unlike the Demogorgans of limited intelligence, this malevolent entity is cunning and clever. We have not seen the full extent of its powers yet.
  3. The Flayed is the most tricky to notice. These are the humans infected by the Flayer. They are a danger to everybody around and to themselves. Their ultimate goal is to gradually melt and become the building material for the Flayer's proxy body.
  4. And, finally, we have fully human enemies who are evil by nature and try to hurt the heroes in any way possible. The "bullies" are everywhere - from the schoolyard to governmental institutions.

With all these dangers in mind, do you believe you can survive this miniature apocalypse in Hawkins? Fight those monsters and stay alive?

Are you ready for the adventure?

Get through one of the scariest Stranger Things quizzes and learn your role in this dangerous universe. ready or not, you are thrust amidst the unfolding war between the heroes and evil creatures.

Think about your decisions and try to stay safe. If possible, try to save people!

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