Uncover Which Disney Character You Are

Disney Characters


Throughout the years of its existence, Disney Studio has given us a bunch of characters for any taste. Good and evil. Funny and sad. Cute and scary. You can find someone for any preference. However, who we like and who we are can be completely different things. Are you ready to find out who you are in this What Disney character Am I quiz? 

We have prepared a simple test that will determine what character in the whole universe resembles you the most. Or who you’d become if you were a part of Disney. Do you think you’ll be a cute princess? Or, maybe, a daring knight? What if you can relate to a villain the most? We hope you can find the one character that would correctly represent your ideals, goals, and character! 

Disney character types

If given the task to name all Disney characters we know, it would take us a long time, but it’ll all be fruitless. We can hardly remember all appearances of people and animals in this vast universe. Besides, this is not Marvel with its massive MCU creation. Here, each title offers its separate world that has to be filled. In addition, animals play a significant role in most (if not all) Disney classics and modern adaptations. Have you ever seen a princess without an animal sidekick? That’s a treasure that is hard to find. 

Overall, we have distinguished the following main types of characters created by Disney Studio:
  1. A princess. Well, this is the primary type of Disney characters as it’s the studio’s trademark in the whole world. What girl doesn’t want to become a Disney princess? In fact, you don’t even have to be a princess in its technical meaning. You can be a war heroine like Mulan, for example. 
  2. An animal sidekick. This is our favorite category! Disney would not be Disney without two things: songs and cute animals. Each movie offers us new cuties to root for. Sometimes, they seem mean and cunning, but they are always loyal to their human friends. 
  3. An antagonist. No story is good without an antagonist. In Disney, you cannot live “happily ever after” without overcoming obstacles and evil enemies. However, it often happens that these protagonists steal the show. They are always charismatic and have a dark allure that attracts the audience. So, of course, we’ve saved an antagonist or two for you in this Which Disney Character Are You quiz. 
  4. A love interest. Though some modern Disney movies manage to be great without a love interest, we can always feel some kind of love in every movie. Mostly, it’s romantic, often, family bond, and the best type is friendship love. Whether you choose a prince or a frog, love is love. 

We have included at least one representative of each category to this quiz to cover the variety of characters we have. After all, everybody has their dark and kind moments. 

If you would see any other Disney character category or your fav ones in our quizzes, leave your comments below! 

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