What Disney Princess Are You Based on Your Everyday Preferences

Disney Princess


The magic world of Disney movies is full of a variety of characters. We all have our favorite animals and wizards there. Often, we even fall in love with an antagonist trying to reimagine their origin stories. The recent live-action movie created by Disney show us "the other side of the story" and look into even more characters. In any case, today is not about the unexpected heroes and underappreciated villains, today about the ones that we love dearly and would save from any dragon ourselves.

A Princess for Everybody

The one and true love of kids and adults alike are Disney princesses. Throughout the years, the studio has created many princesses and queens so unlike each other. Following the social tendencies and preferences, we've seen how princesses changed and developed traits that new generations value the most. Yet, we all love the princesses of old as well and have a special place for them in our hearts.

Disney has created many princesses with their own values and dreams. However, it's hard to make the cut and become a real Disney princess? Many adventurous girls of Disney were left behind. It's still unclear what exactly makes a Disney girl a princess. Royal parents? Not necessarily. A royal husband? Not that! Maybe it's the inner strength. Or, maybe, a secret component that ensures that some kind of those Disney princesses lives inside of us.

They are unique and relatable to any person. You don't believe us? Let's prove their uniqueness in this Disney princess quiz then! You'll see that there's a Disney princess hidden inside of you! A different one for each of us. You may not know it, but her personality is right there! Waiting for her moment to shine.

Can you predict what kind of princess you are? We bet that you have your favorite candidate right now. Care to share your preferences with us?

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