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Why do we find villains so intriguing and alluring? Bad guys always cause the most turmoil in our hearts. And Disney has shown us that the villains are varied and cannot be treated as equals.

Since the Evil Witch from the Snow White, we have seen the tremendous development of villain characters in the studio's works. While this evil Queen, the first of treacherous stepmothers, was a witch to be feared, we have seen little to none of her driving forces. Been considered the most beautiful in the kingdom? C'mon, that has to be more than that. And we have seen more from other Disney baddies. And can even guess who you are in this Disney villains quiz.

If you are ready to find out which of the evil and "despicable" you are, you know what to do, right? You need one click to throw a whole world at your feet. Ready? Go!

The Science Behind It

This fascination with villains of all fandoms is not random. Have you ever wondered why we like the bad guys so much? Truth be told, they are often more appreciated than the heroes. Could it be that we are tired of the common Hero trope, or is it something more?

Science has a shocking answer for us all. As always.

When you become eerily drawn to the Dark Side of a story, fret not! This is a natural reaction that many humans experience. While we condone such behavior in real life, the fictional worlds serve as a safety net for our imagination and hidden personality.

There are bad traits to all people. And while we restrict and eliminate them to suit our culture's norms, movies serve as outlets for our feelings and repressed desires. That does not mean that you are a lousy individual in the slightest; it just allows an escape from reality with its limitations and rules.

For many of us, fictional universes simply offer a thrilling alternative to our mundane, boring lives. We can adventure, take risks, and be free the way we cannot IRL. And who embodies those features the most? Disney Villains! They usually have no constraints, and this feeling of freedom becomes intoxicating.

We have no desire to blemish our image and individuality, but the minute similarities to fictional imperfections resonate with us, causing familiarity.

Simply put, they are relatable. In the ways we cannot allow in real life. Who would not like to rule a kingdom indeed? Or have the ultimate power to make others bow in respect? That's quite usual for people and villains seem to have it all.

Now, when we know that relating to a fictional is entirely normal and does not mean you become a villain IRL, let's finally uncover your real Disney doppelganger among the villains. When taken to that world of fairy tales and fantasy, we wonder which Disney villain are you? Are can quickly become one of these iconic villains that we appreciate ourselves.

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Which Disney Villain Are You? We know the answer! Questions

what disney villian am i Would you seriously hurt your enemies?
  • yes

  • no

  • I’d rather capture and lock them 

  • only in a grave situation 

what disney villian am i Describe your style
  • impeccable, I’m an icon

  • trendy, sexy, amazing 

  • I have my personal “villain” style

what disney villian am i Would you turn bad because of unrequited romantic feelings?
  • no, I'm above that 

  • yes, I might 

what disney villian am i After who would you go as a villain?
  • annoying youths

  • insufferable dumb girls

  • everybody who stays in my way 

what disney villian am i Imagine that you have a choice to either save your loved one or get the ultimate power/influence
  • I’ll save my love

  • I’ll opt for power

  • impossible, I cannot love

what disney villian am i Choose your favorite evil deed
  • taking over a kingdom 

  • stealing the things I like

  • kidnapping 

  • tricking naive youths

what disney villain are you Can you do evil magic?
  • yes, that’s my main weapon 

  • no, I’m an old-fashioned physical villain 

what disney villain are you Are you willing to get your hands dirty or do you use your minions for that?
  • I can rely only on myself

  • I have minions for that 

  • only if my dumbass minions can’t deal with the task 

disney villain quiz Choose your evil laugh!




what disney villain are you Have you always been evil?
  • yes, since I was a kid

  • no, I was kind as a child but this harsh life made me so

  • evil? I’m a perfect human being!

what disney villain are you Describe your sense of humor.
  • I’m all about word-play and punchlines 

  • I’m full of gross toilet jokes

  • physical slapstick humor 

  • dark humor is the best outlet for me evil nature 

what disney villain am i Do you agree: Bad guys have more fun!
  • yes

  • no

what disney villain am i You realize that your opponent has bested you, how do you react?
  • try to kill them

  • threaten them at first but run away later 

  • trick them into feeling guilty

what disney villain am i What's your weapon of choice?
  • something sharp

  • magic

  • a hired assassin 

  • poison

  • my bare hands

which disney villain are you quiz Do you like animals?
  • yes

  • no

  • indifferent

which disney villain are you quiz Which of these motivations would suit you the most?
  • love

  • revenge

  • greed

  • fear

  • sense of superiority

which disney villain are you quiz Can you be changed at the end of your story?
  • if given the right motivation 

  • no, I’m too evil for that 

  • who says it ends? mine is the story without limits

which disney villain are you quiz Do you value beauty?
  • yes, beauty is power and my desire

  • no, beauty is pointless

which disney villain are you What human trait do you despise the most? (as a villain, of course)
  • kindness

  • stupidity

  • endless cheerfulness 

  • beauty

  • timidness

  • loyalty

which disney villain are you Choose a Disney hero you sympathize the most
  • Flynn Rider 

  • Elsa

  • Jasmine

  • Anna

what disney villain am i Do you agree: We stop looking for monsters under the bed when we realize they are inside of us."
  • yes

  • no

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