What Divergent Faction Am I?

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 8 months ago
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If you are here, you'll probably already have seen Divergent and know all about its factions. Though, let me remind you once more:
  1. Abnegation
  2. Erudite
  3. Dauntless
  4. Candor
  5. Amity
These are the five main factions of the series that have gained enormous popularity after the book release. It's been over a decade since then, and the series is still popular. That is why you also want to see what faction are you.

Do you have any inclinations already? Or do you consider yourself divergent, just like the main character?

Anyway, you'll find out your faction in this quiz right now! Are you ready to spill your blood? Just kidding! This is not an actual futuristic Chicago where such a test would determine your whole life.

If you've already forgotten their peculiarities, you need to refresh your knowledge before this Divergent test.

divergent faction quiz

This is a faction that values selflessness the most. Abnegation was the birth faction of the heroine and her boyfriend.

You'll see the members walking around in grey clothes. Their homes don't have mirrors as well. Also, the members are considered the ruling council as they should be the most selfless among all. And that is what a ruler should be.


This faction values intelligence overall. These are the scientists of Chicago. Erudite spend most of their time learning new things and working in research and technical application fields. However, there is a small catch - erudite don't have to be selfless and honest. They have proven to be rather sly in the series.

Such a combination of Ravenclaw and Slytherin, honestly.


Another prominent faction of the series is Dauntless. That is because the heroine transfers to it. But it's also a sort of police and military force. Of course, it's essential and noticeable.

Dauntless members are meant to be afraid of nothing. They are well-trained in combat and value physical skills over anything else. However, much like erudite, they can often be corrupt and sly as well.

Some are heroes; others can easily be villains.


Unfortunately, we know little about this faction. At least less than I'd like to know. Candor has such a fascinating notion of truth around them that I'd be interested in learning how they live their daily lives.

They are certainly the masters of twisting the truth and avoiding the direct answer unnoticeable, to live comfortably!


These are the hippies of the city, as you probably remember. To my mind, this would be the most comfortable faction to live in, though not the best for me personally.

They support the notion of free love and have the magic plant that reduces all the stress after a long day in the field! Although some other factions may look down on them, Amity knows how to enjoy life.

Now that you remember all your options, I suppose it'll be easier for you to pass this Divergent faction quiz!

After that, I'm sure you'd like to take a Hogwarts Sorting quiz considering I've mentioned it already anyway!

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