The Dumb Bitch Test for TikTok Trend

Dumb Bitch


Are you a dumb bitch? No, just wait a minute!

It may be a strange question, but many ladies today are calling themselves and their friends dumb bitches. Sometimes, it serves as a derogatory term. But, often, it is a term of endearment even. For some people, though, this is a fact.

Note that I have no intention to offend you. A dumb bitch may be a cutie who's just a bit naive.

Who's a Dumb Bitch?

dumb bitch

This is a collective girl. A modern dumb bitch has many sizes and types. This is essentially a diverse term that can be used in a variety of situations. There are even multiple tests that promise to uncover what type of dumb bitch you are. Thus, you see how diverse modern bitches are!

Sometimes, people call people of low intelligence a dumb bitch. However, judging from the modern connotations used on social media networks, a dumb bitch just makes a poor choice. And that is something we all can relate to, right? Which of us is perfect? Nobody. Thus, we all make mistakes. And some of them are worth more than others.

Some dumb bitches are self-aware, others no so much. This is why this dumb bitch test is meant to uncover the side of your personality even you may be unfamiliar with.

The send part of the nickname is bitch. After all, they are usually selfish, a bit over-the-top, and maybe passive-aggressive.

Dumb Bitch Test Origins

dumb bitch

Though the term has been around for longer than I've lived probably, the trend of taking a quiz to determine whether you are one is relatively new.

The first time I've heard about the Dumb Bitch test that was on TikTok. I believe it was the result of a dedicated website launch. There is a website that all TikTokes use to check whether they are a bitch or not. Though I may be mistaken and the website is the result of the TikTok trend.

Anyway, if you are interested in answering the same questions your favorite influencers do and comparing the result, here's the link.

What Percentage Bitch Are You?

dumb bitch

The trend inspired this dumb bitch quiz, but I've gathered some interesting facts about dumb bitches to enrich the original one and provide diversity for you, my dear reader.

Thus, this quiz will tell you the percentage of your "dumb bitchiness." The higher tier you get, the more of a true bitch you are!

There are basically three tiers in this quiz. So, you may get the lowest one as the new bitch who's only making her first steps in the field. The second bitch is a bit dumb but knows how to minimize the urges to indulge in full bitchiness. The third tier is the ultimate dumb bitch. You are a dumb bitch, and you know that! You've mastered the quiz.

When you are done here, you can also check whether you are dumb intellectually. Am I Dumb Quiz?