Empath Test. Are You an Empath?

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 7 months ago
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This is a rare question you'll hardly hear in real life. But here, you can find out whether you are one or not.

An empath - a person with the ability to perceive another individual's mental or emotional state.

The world is often used in science fiction and in paranormal novels. However, it has a place in real life as well; If people say that someone is empathetic, it means a person is sensitive to the emotions of others and is an expert in determining what they feel. There is nothing paranormal in the natural ability for empathy.

And today, you'll find out who of us is an empath and who's not. So just relax and enjoy the ride. No need to worry about the results; you'll get what you get. No answer is bad. It'll just show who you are.

Empathy Uncovered

The researchers have distinguished three types of empathy:

  • affective
  • somatic
  • cognitive
Affective Empathy is when you can respond to other people's feelings and emotions appropriately. You console them when they are sad or congratulate them when they share the good news. Well, there are often the factors of jealousy, but you still have the ability.

Somatic Empathy expresses when you actually start feeling what others feel. This is more of a supernatural meaning, but you can still catch the little expressions from a person to understand its feelings. And if you are highly empathetic, you can start feeling that they feel as well.

The last is Cognitive Empathy. This type is the ability to understand the response to feelings.

All in all, all three types work well in tandem in our minds.

Some people have stronger abilities; others feel it somewhat dull. This Empathy test will determine how strongly you feel things and whether you have a potent response to what others feel or not.
empath test

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