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Past lives


Who was I in my past life? This is the question that many of us strive to find out. There are several ways to learn your past role:

  • hypnosis
  • physic reading
  • regression therapy
  • online tests

Frankly, none of these ways is 100% correct. However, all of them have their own disadvantages and advantages. Let's take a close look at them.


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Not all people believe in hypnosis, and not all people believe in past lives. If you are a believer in both, this would be an interesting way to have a bit of fun.

The process usually requires the assistance of another person, preferably the one who's practiced it before.

Nowadays, certain psychologists believe in this method of self-discovery. If they believe in past lives, they will take you through the journey to discover your past life! Yet, it is an expensive method.

Regression therapy

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A past life regression test is meant to uncover a memory from your past life. This method is quite similar to the previous but is practiced by a professional regression therapist. The most notable among them is Ann Barham. She uses certain hypnosis techniques but matches them with her mental guidance techniques to virtually send you to another time and record your thoughts, desires, and behavior. Be cautious, though; you may discover both happy and disturbing memories.

Psychic reading

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If you strongly believe in magic or psychic powers, this is the perfect option for you. You probably already have a trustworthy medium or some other supernatural professional in mind. Not all can do a past-life reading. But if you manage to find a trusty person who does it, don't miss your chance.

For some people, psychic reading may offer more details into their role. For others, a regression memory is ten times more vivid.

Online tests and quizzes

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These are the easiest (and the cheapest to do)! They offer a bit of fun without taking your money. Moreover, most are free. Some past life quiz may be super silly and say you were tasty in a past life. Others are more serious and take your behavioral patterns and moral choices into consideration.

This quiz is somewhere in the middle. It's not something silly that will call you a pizza. And it's also not research-based to compare the behavioral patterns from people with certain "proven" past life roles. It's meant as a bit of fun and, frankly, procrastination!

Are you ready to find out the answer to the following question: What was I in my past life? Then, let's start the quiz.

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