What Color Is My Aura?

Aura color


What Color Is my Aura?

Aura colors indicate our mood, character, and general vibe. You can see the picture of your aura at an aura reading place that captures your body's electromagnetic energy and translates it to specific colors that surround your body.

Usually, people display two aura colors, sometimes three. We are complicated beings, after all.
There are several ways to see one's aura and also different ways to interpret the colors. And while a photograph in a specialized place is the most popular among the available means, an aura color test is among the possible options that require nothing more than truthful answers. Then, as we estimate your mood and character, you'll be given a color at the end.

Here are a few examples with the interpretation.


aura color

Red is the color of active people. You are hot-headed and a person with mood swings. You act upon your wish. As a desire comes, you have to fulfill it immediately. And where do you get that energy? If you were a Hogwarts student, you'd surely be placed in Gryffindor! You are just as courageous and energetic!


aura color

A yellow aura means that a person is a little sun. You are a happy soul with an open personality and a shining deposition. You give off positive vibes, and people around you are lucky to have such a great influence as a friend. I bet that J-Hope from BTS has a yellow aura if you know what I mean.


aura color

A blue aura color means an intelligent and thoughtful person. At the same time, their head is in the clouds, probably in their dreamland. If you have the dominant blue color in your aura reading, you are all about mind and imagination. If you were in Hogwarts, you'd be a Ravenclaw.


aura color

You are a grounded person and a hardworking one. You represent the balance of nature and are close to it overall. You are a loving person and a great friend. Speaking in Hogwarts terms, you'd be a Hufflepuff.


aura color

Purple/violet is an exciting color for an aura. It is a sure indicator that a person is highly intuitive and spiritual. If you see the dominant purple color, you probably already know the meanings of colors as such "supernatural" notions attract you.


aura color

White is a rare color for an aura. It usually indicates the tendency to perfectionism and closeness to the world's energy. You may possess somewhat nervous energy, especially when the need for perfection overwhelms you.


aura color

Black is not the color of your character, per se. It just shows that a person is exhausted, fatigued, and irritated. Black is the murky color for your aura. Its negative nature has to be eliminated to maintain thriving mental health.

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