What Color Is My Aura?

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What Color Is my Aura?

Aura colors indicate our mood, character, and general vibe. You can see the picture of your aura at an aura reading place that captures your body's electromagnetic energy and translates it to specific colors that surround your body.

Usually, people display two aura colors, sometimes three. We are complicated beings, after all.
There are several ways to see one's aura and also different ways to interpret the colors. And while a photograph in a specialized place is the most popular among the available means, an aura color test is among the possible options that require nothing more than truthful answers. Then, as we estimate your mood and character, you'll be given a color at the end.

Here are a few examples with the interpretation.


what color is my aura
Red is the color of active people. You are hot-headed and a person with mood swings. You act upon your wish. As a desire comes, you have to fulfill it immediately. And where do you get that energy? If you were a Hogwarts student, you'd surely be placed in Gryffindor! You are just as courageous and energetic!


what color is my aura
A yellow aura means that a person is a little sun. You are a happy soul with an open personality and a shining deposition. You give off positive vibes, and people around you are lucky to have such a great influence as a friend. I bet that J-Hope from BTS has a yellow aura if you know what I mean. 


aura color quiz
A blue 
aura color means an intelligent and thoughtful person. At the same time, their head is in the clouds, probably in their dreamland. If you have the dominant blue color in your aura reading, you are all about mind and imagination. If you were in Hogwarts, you'd be a Ravenclaw. 


aura color quiz
You are a grounded person and a hardworking one. You represent the balance of nature and are close to it overall. You are a loving person and a great friend. Speaking in Hogwarts terms, you'd be a Hufflepuff. 


aura color quiz
Purple/violet is an exciting color for an aura. It is a sure indicator that a person is highly intuitive and spiritual. If you see the dominant purple color, you probably already know the meanings of colors as such "supernatural" notions attract you. 


aura personality test
White is a rare color for an aura. It usually indicates the tendency to perfectionism and closeness to the world's energy. You may possess somewhat nervous energy, especially when the need for perfection overwhelms you. 


aura personality test
Black is not the color of your character, per se. It just shows that a person is exhausted, fatigued, and irritated. Black is the murky color for your aura. Its negative nature has to be eliminated to maintain thriving mental health.

If you are interested in learning more about your personality, I highly suggest this Your Aesthetics Quiz.

What Color Is My Aura? Questions

aura color test If you could choose, would you choose to play around instead of hard work? at all times?
  • yes

  • no

aura color quiz Are you known to be spontaneous?
  • yes, always

  • rarely

  • not at all

aura color quiz Have you ever been told that your head is in the clouds?
  • yes, multiple times

  • once or twice

  • no

aura color quiz Are you a hopeless romantic?
  • yes, I believe so

  • I can be, but not hopeless

  • no, I'm not a romantic at all

aura color quiz Are you a highly argumentative person?
  • highly

  • no

aura color quiz Are you hot-headed or cold and calculated?
  • hot-deaded

  • cold and calculated

aura color quiz Imagine that you see a countertop with no organization whatsoever. Everything is scattered around. What do you feel?
  • it's wrong. It needs to be organized

  • it's just creative mess

  • I don't really care; everyone has there habits

aura color quiz Have you been fatigued and depressed lately?
  • yes, it's like I've burned out and am extremely tired

  • just a bit, but I keep looking for positive things

  • no

aura color quiz Would you tell that you are a master in criticizing things?
  • oh, I'm the best!

  • I'm bad at it!

aura color quiz You face a choice between two objects: on responds to your heart, the other to the brain. What do you choose?
  • my heart's desires

  • my mind's desires

aura color quiz A pity party: yes or no?
  • yes

  • no, that's for the weak

aura color quiz If you were offered a position in the Peace Corps?
  • I'd gladly go

  • thta's a great chance to help people; I'll join for a while

  • I doubt I'll go full in

aura color quiz Are you ready to get married in the nearest future?
  • yes

  • not so soon

  • no marriage for the near future!

aura color quiz Do you see the bigger picture or focus on the smaller things?
  • smaller things needs to solved first

  • the bigger picture is more important

  • I see both but they all seem bleak

aura color quiz When you have a partner, do you set up equal roles in the relationship?
  • equal roles

  • no, I think one should take the lead

aura color quiz Are you close to nature?
  • yes, I adore nature

  • somewhat; I can be amidst nature a few times a year and that's enough

  • no, I don't really need nature around me

aura color quiz In any situation, you...
  • are thoughtful

  • joke around

  • are pessimistic

  • are dreamy

aura color quiz Do you prefer to dream big or something small and surely achievable?
  • big and grand!

  • I prefer to dream about something I can achieve for sure

  • lately, I don't really dream

aura color quiz Imagine the color that associates with comfort for you. What is it?
  • red

  • yellow

  • green

  • blue

  • purple

  • white

  • black

aura color quiz Choose two characteristics that describe you the best
  • energetic and hotheaded

  • happy and charismatic

  • hardworking and loving

  • intelligent and dreamy

  • sensitive and intuitive

  • pragmatic and intelligent

  • pessimistic and tired

aura color quiz You see a cute duckling lost somewhere, what do you do?
  • I take it home

  • I'll find the nearest pond to take it there

  • I'll try to place it in a shelter or somewhere similar

  • I'll do nothing

aura color quiz Are you pedantic?
  • extremely

  • not much; but I like order

  • no

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