What Is My Aesthetic?

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 5 months ago
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What is my aesthetic
The phrase is as diverse as the word "aesthetics" itself. What do we mean when speaking of a person's aesthetics?

Formally, it means "the branch of philosophy which deals with questions of beauty and artistic taste." In the modern setting, we use the phrase to describe someone's taste, preferences, and outlook on life.

You may have heard about the modern online esthetic types such as a soft girl/boy, egirl/eboy, VSCO girls, and so on. Actually, we have a VSCO girl quiz here on this website that determines which one of those you are! Have you checked it yet? You might be surprised by the results!


aesthetic test girl
When speaking in these terms, we can classify three main types of people on Instagram and TikTok as these are two of the most popular social media networks. It doesn't mean that there are no other types, but these are the main three thrown into one cluster.

VSCO girl

This is where the trend starts. The high popularity of the photo editing app VSCO was the determining factor of such a name. Today, such a person possesses a number of common characteristics based on the trends of the previous several years. Among the VSCO girl must-haves are Birkenstocks, a Kanken backpack, scrunchies, a shell necklace or bracelet, a water flask (preferable with the sticker "save the turtles"), an Instax camera, and so on. The list can go on for hours!

Soft Girl

You'll know the soft girl by the peachy and creamy tone of her outfits, warm-toned makeup, and the overall "girly" look. Basically, the name says it all. She is not always in a dress. This girl has the cutest tops with angels, skies, and kitties.

She can make fleece sweaters look super cute paired with high-waisted jeans or shorts. Her head accessories are mostly decorated with pearls, starts, and whatever cuteness trends bring.


This one is the edgiest person among the three. While VSCO is chill, Soft is cute and kind, "E" is bitchin'! Her clothes are a combination of darkness with a spark of bright color here and there. She likes chains and bold makeup heavy on the blush. Her distinctive features are the drawn stars or hearts under the eyes. You'll rarely see such a person on the streets, as they often tone down the look a bit, but TikTok is full of them.
aesthetic quiz for girls
Do you already know which one of these types you are? Then check our quiz to make sure.
This "What Aesthetic Am I" test is a bit different. These types are popular. But they are mostly about trends. This quiz takes your personal interests and tastes into account. We cannot all be limited to those three. When it comes to preferences, they are more varied and span the fashions of decades. Not all are satisfied with the current fashion and follow the trends blindly.

And this aesthetics quiz will tell you the type of your artistic self!

What Is My Aesthetic? Questions

aesthetics test Which of these words do you like most?
  • bitchin'

  • as if

  • baloney

  • rock on

  • you go, girl

  • spill the tea

  • yeet

  • ????????????

aesthetics test What music genre do you prefer?
  • classics

  • pop

  • indie

  • rock/alternative rock

  • whatever is trendy

aesthetics test What app do you use most often?
  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • TikTok

  • Twitter

  • games

  • messangers

  • Spotify

aesthetics test It's cold outside, what do you wear?
  • a long velvet coat

  • a denim acket

  • a trench

  • a long tailored coat

  • a short puffy coat

  • a fur coat

  • a leather jacket

aesthetics quiz Do you style your hair in intricate hairdos?
  • yes, complex ones

  • only quick hairdos

  • no, I don't bother

  • only straight

aesthetics quiz What do you think of socks and shoes/sandals?
  • acceptable in done with taste

  • beautiful

  • awful

aesthetics quiz Do you believe in supernatural?
  • yes

  • no

aesthetics quiz Do you like vintage clothes?
  • yes, the older the better

  • only 80s or 90s

  • not really

  • I prefer a new take on vintage fashion

aesthetics quiz Which of these characteristics suits you most?
  • elegant

  • shy

  • kind

  • bitchy

  • badass

  • intelligent

  • funny

  • sarcastic

aesthetics quiz What would you rather do this evening?
  • go to movies

  • visit an art exhibition

  • go to a concert

  • visit a theme park

  • hang with friends at home

aesthetics quiz What weather do you prefer?
  • sunny and warm

  • crispy cold with snow

  • early autumn rains

  • cool breeze and lots of green

aesthetics quiz Which of these awards would you rather receive?
  • Academy Awards, Oscars

  • MTV Awards

  • Pulitzer Prize

  • Billboard Music Awards

  • Nobel Prize

aesthetics test What is your favorite color in clothes?
  • black

  • white

  • grey

  • brown

  • purple

  • red

  • yellow

aesthetics test Your clothes mostly comes from
  • H&M

  • Forever 21

  • thrift stores

  • mostly online shopping

  • high-end stores

  • Topshop

  • Zara

Choose an image that feels closer to you
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  • aesthetics test
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Choose an image that feels closer to you
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  • aesthetics  quiz
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  • aesthetics quiz
Choose an image that feels closer to you
  • aesthetics
  • aesthetics test
  • aesthetics test
  • aesthetics test
  • aesthetics test
aesthetics quiz How much makeup do you wear?
  • lots

  • minimum at day and lots at night

  • minimum

aesthetics test Books or movies?
  • books

  • movies

Choose an image that feels closer to you
  • aesthetics
  • aesthetics
  • aesthetics
  • aesthetics
  • aesthetics
aesthetics quiz What exotic animal would you get as a pet?
  • ferret

  • piranha

  • owl

  • tiger

  • no pet

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