E-Girl, Soft, or VSCO Girl? Modern Girl Types Quiz

Are You a VSCO Girl?


TikTok has been at the top of popular trends for over a year now. This is a fresh network that may surpass even Vine if it stays as popular as it’s now. It’s created a single app for music, video, memes, communication, and simply expressing yourself. In this TikTok quiz, we’ll discover your true social image. 

While the teens of the whole world have discovered TikTok and its audience quite some time ago, the spring quarantine of 2020 brought the rest of people to the platform. Nowadays, you can find almost everybody on that platform, regardless of age and social status. 

Though, it remains the domain of teens. They rule its trends and determine what’s cool. TikTok shows Gen Z at their mightiest. Millennials now simply follow the rules. 

As a platform, TikTok covers multiple functions and can easily replace all other networks. This is the driving force behind the hottest trends. And they are many. You can easily find one to suit your image and skills. 

TikTok combines the two things that the audience loves the most: catchy songs and great visuals. Have you ever gone through your day while singing a couple of TikTok songs? That’s its true influence! 


The modern visuals are diverse and flexible. In this test, we’ll cover three social types of girls that are most frequent in modern society. What aesthetics suits you the most? Find out in this Egirl, Soft, or VSCO girl quiz

A VSCO girl was created long before the mass popularity of TikTok. The name comes from a photo editing app, notable for its soft filter palette. In time, VSCO girls formed a whole type. The modern image of a VSCO girl consists of an Instax camera, a hydro flask, Burks, oversized shirts, and “hilling vibes.” They are supposed to use “sksksk” “I oop” and “save the turtles” in daily life. But that’s merely a stereotype.

Another popular aesthetic is a soft girl. These are all about pretty, fluffy, and cute. A soft girl is the ultimate epitome of “kawaii.” The soft girl starter pack includes pink tops, A-line skirts, pastel makeup, hearts, and angels everywhere. Basically, utilize everything you find cute! 

The last but not the least of our girls is an e-girl! This is a concept unique to TikTok. The app managed to popularize this image and it dwells mostly within its grounds. 

An “electronic girl” is a cool girl. Just imagine a cute schoolgirl with pigtails and endearing freckles. And add a knife in her hand! The image may be extreme, but you get the ideas. An e-girl is edgier than her previous friends but still cute. She often wears black clothes, band shorts over striped long-sleeve tops, and A-like skirts. Her makeup is the most impressive: drastic cat eyeliner, blush all over cheeks and nose, and black hearts drawn underneath her eyes. A splash of artificial freckles to add cuteness. And her hair may be as wild and bright as she wants. That’s a dream come true for a teenage girl. 

So, are you ready for VSCO girl quizzes to determine your type?

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