Ultimate Haikyuu Test Only True Weeb Can Pass



Welcome, fellow Haikyuu fans. I'm glad to see you here. The official popularity poll of Haikyuu characters:

  • Sh?y? Hinata
  • K?shi Sugawara
  • Tobio Kageyama
  • Kei Tsukishima
  • T?ru Oikawa
  • Y? Nishinoya
  • Tadashi Yamaguchi
  • Tetsur? Kuroo
  • Hajime Iwaizumi
  • Kenma Kozume

This is the official popularity poll released in Chapter 123. The previous poll of chapter 57 showed Kageyama as the leader and Hinata as the second. What do you think of such a rating? Would you change anything?

Meanwhile, this Haikyuu test will cover little facts about many interesting characters and the rivaling volleyball teams overall. So, are you ready to remember all the funny and thrilling moments of this cool anime? Or are you a fan of the manga?

Anyway, I'm sure you know all the details mentioned here as a true fan of the work. If not, it's time to watch all those seasons once more and retake the test to prove just how smart of a wee you are!

Haikyuu characters in the quiz

haikyuu test

This Haikyuu quiz doesn't cover the minor characters. I wish I had time to quiz you about all the coaches, alumni, and family members, but it would be a huge test. So instead, I've focused on a few of my favorite characters and moments in the anime.

Also, this is not an entirely Haikyuu characters test; you'll also find here questions about the teams overall and those amazing competitions they take part in. Finally, you'll need to remember a few quotes and the general information about anime and manga. Probably stand-alone movies as well, for all I know! But that should be easy for a true Haikyuu fan, right?

Haikyuu test to remember the fun

haikyu trivia quiz

One of the reasons I like Haikyu so much is its inspirational silliness. This is a strange combination, I know. The series is silly overall, from its characters to the funny situation on court and outside.

Also, it is highly inspirational for me. Even if you are not an athlete, their struggles of personal growth are highly relatable, more so than any fantasy series.

And what component of the franchise do you like the most? Are you team fun and hilarious or team inspiration?

Oh, I know! You are Team Cute Boys! Got you.

Haikyuu anime guru

haikyuu test

If you call yourself a Haikyuu fan, you'll know this trivia to the dot. Some of the details are harder to remember, and some are easier. But I believe in your powers. You can do it.

So, as a true guru of the series, I ask you one question here, outside of the quiz: what is better, manga or anime? There are different opinions on the matter (well, all fandoms like to discuss why one is better than the other), and I'd like to know where you stand.

When you complete this Haikyuu trivia test, you may continue the anime fun! I suspect you may be a fan of Attack on Titan as well. Thus, I offer you this Attack on Titan character test!