Harry Potter Potions Quiz: Will You Please Severus?

Potter Potions


Are you an expert in the Wizarding World? You may think you know everything there is about Harry Potter until you are asked about a potion of some sort. Are you really as acquainted with magic potions as you think? Or would you blow up Prof Snape while brewing one? Let's find out in thisHarry Potter Potions quiz!

Here, I've gathered some of the most popular potions you get to know in the series to find out how attentive a student you would be. Are you just like Hermione, trying to learn everything there is about the world of magic? Or are you as Rn when it comes to studying? This is your chance to shine!

The History of Potions

Initially, J.K. Rowling associated potion with its muggle version - chemistry. In fact, they are very similar studies. You learn to mix various substances to enhance their properties or get new ones!

If we don't take alchemy into account, this is the best analogy. Well, probably except for cooking. Though miss Rowling highlights chemistry, I cannot help but think that this is the perfect companion to cooking.

Just think about it! You get recipes with a variety of ingredients with their unique tastes, properties, and brewing norms. You follow a strict recipe to get the perfect "dish." And you get new products when you know which ones mix together well and what little spice is needed to the extra oomph! This is what makes potions so similar to cooking. And, considering my love for the latter, it's no surprise that I would be very attentive at Snape's lessons. If only you could brew them without a wand!!

Which is funny considering that J.K.Rowling is not a fan of chemistry! In one of her interviews, she admitted giving Snape the potions jobs as a reference to her hate for this subject. Severus, being the least favorite professor of all, had to have a proper subject. And while Rowling gave him a chemistry analogy, she fell in love with potions herself. The author admitted to liking the research stage for the potions. It is fascinating to give magical properties to ingredients and imagine the ways wizards would use them!

To my mind, magic potions are way more interesting than chemistry. Maybe, this is because they are magic. Although, no chemistry concoction can do wonders yet, like regrowing bones or making people tell the truth! This is another reason to be amazed by potions.

Test your knowledge!

If you are sure that you can brew the Polyjuice potion in your sleep and crush that Amortentia, you have nothing to worry about! However, something tells me that you may know less about potions than you think!

Let's check your skills in thisHarry Potter potions test!

Ready? Go!

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