Harry Potter Spells and Charms Every Wizard Should Know

Harry Potter Spells and Charms


The world of Harry is full of spells and charms that every muggleborn would learn quicker than Hermione. Imagine entering the Wizarding world only to face hundreds of spells that can help you with the smallest daily things! Learning them would be more fun than your favorite subject in school. Now, we'll have a small Harry Potter spell quiz to check how well you've managed to remember those unique Harry Potter charms we've got a glimpse of.

Do you remember what incantation is used to open the doors? Which one erupts water? And what about something more complex and rare? Now is the time to remember all the spells, curses, incantations, and wand movements J.K.Rowling has created for the magical world of Harry Potter. Are you ready to show off your best Hermione impression?

Magical Book of Spells

But let's take a look at some of the most exciting spells and charms you may have missed while reading the books or watching the movies. Moreover, some of these are exclusive to additional Wizarding World materials.


This spell is the dream-come-true for any amateur clown, mime, and magician.

This is an interesting spell that will sprout flowers from the caster's wand. But what if those amateur magicians are real wizards considering such a charm exists!

Best for last-minute gifts.


This funny charm will lead your opponent's feet in a wild dance until you deem them punished enough. Though it seems like a useless spell in a duel, imagine trying to focus on fighting while doing your best dancing pas.

Highly amusing and entertaining.


Rictumsempra is evil in disguise. This tickling spell will make even a non-ticklish person suffer a hell of a laughing fit. Sensitive people will have a hard time dealing with the consequences of this one. And to think that it is taught to teenagers!

Scary rants aside, this is a cool spell to practice with friends.


You know this one! But it can take such ridiculous forms that we have to mention this char. When facing a boggart, just turn your deepest fears into something funny guided by this spell. Or, you can always imagine professor Snape in Grandma's Longbottom old clothes! This should be the ultimate Riddikulus form.


This is a mean spell to use but is useful in rendering enemies ugly. It causes your opponent's teeth to grow non-stop. It can be reversed quickly, but the humiliation never leaves.

On the bright side, this is the spell that helps Hermione to correct her teeth finally!

Slugulus Eructo

Remember that cringy scene where Ron keeps vomiting slugs? Well, this is the spell for it! If you want your enemy to really suffer, this is the perfect means to that.

Never cast with a broken wand!

We hope you find these spells an interesting addition to your Harry Potter spell book if you still don't remember them!

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