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By: Denis Priesnov
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The Harry Potter book series is the one that you can read over and over again. If you ask an average Potterhead how many times they've read the books, the answer will lie somewhere in the plain "I've lost the count." Not to speak of Harry Potter movie marathons that happen several times a year minimum. With such an ever-growing count of diving into the series, the fans are bound to remember some of the parts by heart.

And there are lots of great thoughts and quotes to remember! Every Potterhead will tell you that "it does not do well to dwell on dreams" or that "there's no need to call me sir, Professor." And who is here up to some good? None of us. But these are the phrases that anyone knows (well, they should!). But how about other great words and thoughts shared in the books? Many of them are just as funny or wise. Unfortunately, they don't get the same attention as the few popular ones.

I'm here to change that with this Harry Potter quote quiz. I'll share some of my favorite book moments (and a few movie ones), and I'm sure that dutiful fans can remember the full quote and its situation. I will not be using any spells in this quiz. To show off your magic theory skills, check out the spells and Charms quiz. I'm sure this Harry Potter exercise will inspire you for a new marathon, either with books or movies.

Now, as a quick side note, I'd like to share a few quotes about the series said by others that seem rather inspiring to me:

"There's always room for a story that can transport people to another place."  J.K. Rowling.

It is truly magical to have a place far away that you can call home. And even if that place is fictional, it's one that we can relate to (even despite the supernatural elements.) Harry Potter filled our childhoods with magic not possible in the real world. At least, not open for muggles. And this fictional world is will-executed. We can clearly imagine roaming the Hogwarts grounds or visiting the Burrow for the first time. The characters are lively and relatable as well - they genuinely feel like your friends. So much that this Harry Potter Quiz may be easy for some.

And there surely is a place for a story like that in our hearts!

"Maybe Harry Potter's real, and you're not." - John Green.

This is not an inspirational quote that dwells on the meaning of life and our values. However, John Green gives a very thoughtful speech on the relativeness of what can be considered real and what not. I'm a fan of this author as well and find many of his ideas interesting to ponder about.

And what is your favorite Harry Potter quote? Do you have any interesting thoughts of your own that can compete with the wise Dumbledor's quotes? Let's all share our favorite non-popular phrases and dialogs from Harry Potter!

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