This Kink Quiz Will Uncover Your Secret Desires

By: Denis Priesnov
Created: 6 months ago
Most people have certain kinks that they would like to experience in their intimate love! Unfortunately, only a few are open about their references and communicate freely on the topic of kinks. But this kink quiz will cover the topic.

What Does This Kink Test Uncover?

Most of us are shy to reveal the deepest desires. We are afraid to be judged and shamed for the things we like. Besides, this is a private life that (most often than not) is contained within the bedroom walls. It seems too personal and tender to discuss in public with others. That is why conducting research on the topic of kinks and sexual preferences becomes a hard task. Anonymous surveys are a sure way to gather intel, but the data is approximate at best. However, researchers have found many interesting kinks and preferences over the years. Some of them are quite regular and explored by the majority of the sexually active population. Others are rare and unique to a small percentage of people.

Here, I've gathered a few very interesting sexual kinks that many of you will read about for the first time. Who knows, maybe you'll find something to your liking in this list.

Some Interesting Fetish Test Types


This strange name bears a unique attraction behind its meaning - to clowns. It seems that clowns leave nobody unaffected. While some people find them scary to the extent of developing a phobia, others find them extra appealing.
kinky test
It is truly a unique kink that a few people possess. However, after the remake of IT, many people find this particular clown sexy (even though he's made to be chilly and scary). The effect is caused by the attractive actor behind the mask in this instance. But there were people who liked clowns before it became mainstream.


Size play is not something unheard of. This particular kink includes tine man being a plaything for a sexy giantess. For most people, being an NBA-player giant is not enough. We are talking about skyscrapers compared to those tiny men the size of a mouse.

A giantess may be already well-developed or suddenly grow from an average-size woman. Unfortunately, this kink test does not cover this result.


While hardly any woman can stay impartial to a "bad boy" in her youth, hybristophilia takes it further. This kink makes people attracted to criminals. And not like stealing a gum criminals, the hardcore ones. This is what makes women see in Charles Manson, for example, a desirable partner. And It is not limited to only women! Some men als report this kink.

Wonder whether Britney sings about this kink in her famous song!


You've probably heard or seen the term vore before. If you don't know this kink yet, it may sound too strange for you, but quite a few people find it exhilarating.
In short, this kink is focused on being swallowed by someone and slowly being digested.
An Anaconda movie for a date. Perfect timing!

If you wonder "What are my kinks," let's find out right now!
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This Kink Quiz Will Uncover Your Secret Desires Questions

kink quiz Have you ever had intimate interactions in a house with other people present?
  • yes

  • no

kink quiz Have you fooled around in a car?
  • yes

  • no

kink quiz Where would you prefer to have sex?
  • in a public place

  • a sex club/party

  • your bedroom

sex kink quiz Are you claustrophobic?
  • yes

  • no

  • only in some severe cases

kink quiz You find the most rewarding
  • sensual foreplay

  • dominance foreplay

  • risky/taboo foreplay

  • roleplaying foreplay

kink test Choose a feeling you would like to experience
  • serenity

  • exhiliration

  • power

  • amusement

  • loss of control

  • riskiness

kink test How often do you experiment in your intimate life?
  • rarely

  • very often

  • regularly

  • on occasion

  • almost never

kink test What do you think of swingers?
  • I'd like to join the club some time

  • I'm already practicing

  • it's not for me

  • I have doubts

kink test Do you feel comfortable when tied down?
  • yes

  • no

  • only with the right partner

kink test Have you tried impact play? (spanking, flogging, etc?)
  • yes, and I like it

  • yes; I'm not a fan

  • no

kink test Which of these would turn you on faster?
  • striptease

  • massage

  • kissing

  • dirty talking

  • something a bit rough

  • something all-encompassing

sex kink quiz Are you a jealous person?
  • only with people I love

  • not always, only when there's a real reason to be

  • no

kink test What toy would you like to try in bed?
  • a vibrator

  • handcuffs

  • a rope

  • a blindfold

  • a plug

  • a whip

  • thematic outfits

  • all of the above

  • does an additional person count?

sex kink quiz For breakfast, you prefer..
  • just coffee

  • a cup of coffee and toasts

  • cereal or oatmeal

  • a full breakfast

  • nothing

sex kink quiz Do you welcome dirty talking?
  • yes, I love it

  • once in a while, in moderation

  • no, it distracts more than arouses

kink test What section of adult content do you usually watch?
  • on public

  • group sex

  • BDSM

  • roleplaying

  • blowjob

  • anal

  • "keeping it in the family"

kink test Do you prefer sensual overload or focusing on one feeling?
  • overload

  • isolation on one particular sense

kink test Would you mind recording yourself in bed?
  • yes

  • no

kink test Do you like to imagine certain scenarios for sexual acts?
  • yes, all the time

  • sometimes

  • no

kink quiz What movie do you like the most?
  • Eyes Wide Shut

  • 50 Shades of Grey

  • Perfume

  • Diary of a Nymphomaniac

  • Killing Me Softly

kink test The perfect linen color for you is...
  • black

  • red

  • white

  • light blue

  • purple

  • colorful

kink quiz Are you familiar with BDSM?
  • only in theory 

  • no

  • yes

sex kink quiz Are you a patient person?
  • yes

  • no

sex kink quiz Do you need love for intimate relationships?
  • absolutely

  • love wold be good, but just unfatuation will also do

  • doesn't matter; I just have to know a person for a while

  • not necessary

sex kink quiz Do you have high pain tolerance level?
  • very low

  • low

  • average

  • high

sex kink quiz Do you like taking risks?
  • yes!

  • just not in my intimate life

  • no, I don't like risks

sex kink quiz Does the thought of being caught in a "spicy" situation thrill or scare you?
  • thrill

  • scare

  • somewhere in-between

sex kink quiz Do you have imagination and colorful dreams?
  • yes to both; I can create stories Hollywood would be jealous of

  • I have good imagination but rarely remember my dreams

  • not, I'm not very creative

kink quiz Have you ever had intimate interactions in a room where others were sleeping?
  • yes, and I would repeat it

  • yes, but I didn't like it

  • no

kink test What is your maximum number of acceptable people during an intercourse? (including you)
  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

  • 4

  • 5+

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