What Love Language Do You Speak?

Love Language

Have you ever heard of the various types of love languages? Not all of us are familiar with the work of Gary Chapman. And we should get to know this author and his work. The book, The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate, was published in 1992. It describes 5 types of the language of those in love.

The author mentions that all of us use different means to communicate with our partners. Based on his counseling practice, he’s determined the main types that are featured in this love language quiz. Though they are different in nature, most people combine two types in their daily life. One is the main, the other secondary.

These types are differentiated not only by the way we express our love but also the things we demand and fear most. Observation is the main tool for this linguistic challenge.

What is your nature? Is it hard to determine your “language”? Yes, it is if you try to do it alone. We often require a third-party opinion and a look at our behavior.

What is my love language

Determining your love language is an essential part of building meaningful and long-lasting relationships. The way we express our love is the way we would like to receive it. So, a couple should understand the differences in the perception of love and how to show their significant other how much they value them.

Types of Love Language

  1. Words of Affirmation. This type of language is one of the easiest to understand for the general public. People with this main type express their love via words. They are not afraid to say “I love you” or “I appreciate you” and expect the same from their partner. They need to hear the words of endearment and, ideally, a reason or two behind them as well.
  2. Acts of service. This type of love language is completely opposite to the first one. Instead of simply using words, actions are appreciated. Everything that may help or ease the burden for your significant other is appreciated. For some people, vacuuming may be a simple chore, but for this type, it’s an act of love.
  3. Receiving gifts. This type is simple enough. A gift shows how much you love a person. It also should be mentioned that the effort behind finding a gift is appreciated more than its value. Such people do not necessarily require expensive gifts. They’d love meaningful ones more.
  4. Quality time. Such people appreciate the undivided attention from their partners. They are also willing to give it in return. Spending meaningful time together is the utmost expression of love. Also, Be sure to turn off your phone if your s.o. thrives form this love language.
  5. Physical touch. This is a highly physical type that snuggles (up) to touch like a fluffy cat. Any intentional contact makes them feel loved and appreciated. Even simply holding hands is enough of a gesture. However, finding new exciting ways to physically express love is always thrilling.

Are You Ready?

So, do you already know your type? On the whole, we bet you are a bit confused right now and require the help of our love language test to determine the main and secondary types of your love language.

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