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My Hero Academia has a myriad of quirks created by the most fascinating minds of Japanese manga. Among the most popular among fans are:

  • One For All
  • Creation
  • Explosion
  • Half-Cold Half-Hot
  • Dark Shadow
  • Copy
  • Warp Gate
  • Brainwashing
  • Disintegration
  • Manifest

These are the Quirks that are valued highly in the series and are regarded as the ones with high potential. The audience agrees about the coolness of the mentioned quirks, partially because of their interesting careers, partially because of their strength. If you had a chance to be born with a power of your own, in a society similar to the MHA one, what would you choose? Something offensive or defensive? I hope that this My Hero Academia quirk generator will give you something to your liking! I've tried hard to select some exciting powers and features for you. Of course, the created BNHA world has lots and lots of powers introduced. If you notice that you have an ability already depicted in manga or anime, let me know! I'd like to learn the characters.
Overall, there are three types of Quirks in this world.


mha quirk generator

One of the types is closely connected to the animal kingdom. You can easily see a monkey-shaped person walking the streets. Just remember the favorite Froogie of 1-A. The user often gets the ability corresponding to the regular features of that animal.

Another part of the spectrum is a mutant not connected to animals. An example is Mezo Shoji with his Dupli-Arms.

This type can be passed through generations, sometimes with changing powers, though. This is the only type of Quirks that cannot be turned off. It became a part of your physique and cannot be erased by other Quirks.


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This type of Quirk allows the carrier to alternate a part of their body for some time. They can also remove and add certain features.

One of the brightest examples of this type is Tamaki Amaiki with his Manifest Quirk. He has the ability to transform his body based on the things he's recently eaten. Tetsutetsu also admits that his Steel quirk would become softer if he had iron deficiency! This is actually the least common type of ability!!! Would you like to possess his kind of Quirk? I have an interesting one for you in this quirk generator.


mha quirks

This is the most common type of Quirks! They can both generate and control things around them and within. The spectrum is wide and covers many sub-types. You have the highest chance to receive one of these Quirks - both in manga and in this My Hero Academia quirk quiz.


This is actually a sub-type of Quirks. It covers all Quirks that require some type of accumulation in order to work. Here are a few examples: Fat Absorption, One for All, and Rewind.

Which of the types seems the most interesting to you? Personally, I'm debating between emitter and transformation.

If you are a fan of My Hero Academia, I'm sure you'll like to know what MHA character you'd be!

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