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What is your Patronus? A stag or a cat? A snake or a badger? This is one of the most frequent questions a Potterhead will ask you. A Patronus is a powerful protector of a witch or a wizard. The one that can take up a form corresponding to the nature of its caster. Learning about your Patronus is as fascinating as uncovering your spirit animal.

In this quiz, you have a chance to take a glimpse at what animal would appear if you were to cast a Patronus charm. However, you remember that this specific charm requires great skill in order to see a corporeal Patronus. Many wizards and witches have to live by without learning their inner protector. They lack the skills and dedication to training this spell. In fact, when some Dark Lord doesn't threaten humanity in peaceful times, there is no need to master Expecto Patronum as all dementors are kept in and around Azkaban.

As we learn from the series, though, a bunch of fifth-year olds can learn to perform a corporeal Patronus in a year of irregular studies. So, it means that the spell is not as complicated to earn if you have proper dedication and incentive.

Here are some of the most prominent Patronus forms in the books. Note: none of them is featured in this Patronus quiz.


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This is probably the first corporeal Patronus we see (correct me if I'm wrong). This is Harry's Patronus form, and it is exactly the same as his father's. And this is the animal of James' animagus form.

The symbolism of a stag includes the symbols of grace, instinct, virility, and regeneration. The last two characteristics are quite telling when it comes to Harry Potter specifically. A stag is also a symbol of leadership, making Harry a natural leader.


The second most prominent Patronus form also connects two people, Severus Snape and Lily Evans. A doe was initially Lily's animal, which makes her a perfect pair for James' stag. If we take the general symbolism of a deer, which is serenity, gentleness, and peace, it suits Lily perfectly; only with the greater emphasis on maternal love and female gentleness.

Severus Snape seemingly possessed no qualities that would form into such a Patronus shape. Its doe form derives from the deep love the man had and will ALWAYS have for Lily.


This is one of the rarest Patronus forms you can get! However, when it comes to the Dumbledor family, there is a special connection with phoenixes. There is no surprise that this extraordinary man with Fawkes as a loyal companion would get a creature alike.

Considering that the only carer of this Patronus form is a Dumbledor, it is unknown whether other wizards and witches can have such a rare animal.


Remus' patronus is a wolf. There is no surprise there, to be honest. The Patronus takes an innerform that sleeps within Remus, a werewolf. It's a pity that Remus had to hide such a fierce Patronus form just to ward off any suspicions of his monthly endeavors.

These are the most prominent Patronus forms I've wished to discuss. Of course, we cannot neglect the Jack Russell, the otter, the cat, and the magnificent Lynx (do you know whose this is?), but we'll talk about that later!

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