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The Harry Potter books are full of wonders and magical things. The wizarding community lives surrounded by the wonders that are simply mundane for them. Flying brooms, self-stirring cups, and owl post are as regular for them as our (muggle) home cutlery for us.

Among the numerous things with a magical substitute, wizards also have their types and sports and games. The most important and famous one is undoubtedly Quidditch. This is the game that has managed to conquer the whole magical world, not limited by Great Britain's confines. International championships are even held! J.K.Rowling has compared Quidditch to football by its popularity and significance. And it bears many similarities with Europe's favorite sport, starting from some of the basic rules, organizations, and tournaments.

If you are an avid fan, you've probably already read Quidditch Through the Ages - a complimentary publication that explains the history and in-depth rules of this magical sport. Note that this Quidditch quiz will cover quite a few topics from the book. Though, you may know these Quidditch basics from the official website, forums, and other sources. I'm sure you'll do great!

Now, let's take a closer look at QUidditch to refresh our knowledge about this sport before the quiz, shall we?

Quidditch History

Quidditch has been an essential part of wizards' leisure activities for a long time. I will not mention the exact timeline as it will be revealed in the Quidditch trivia quiz, but it's been definitely more than several hundred yet. Throughout that time, rules changed and evolved. At first, there even was no Seeker! Can you imagine a game of Quidditch without this player? I certainly cannot. When does it ever end in this case?

It took many years to evolve into what we know as the modern Quidditch game. During this time, its history saw many exciting events, games, and players. Sure, Harry was the youngest player in what - a century? And only in Hogwarts. Besides him, there were many talented young boys and girls around the world who would beat him. (I still love you, Harry).


The Inter-House Hogwarts Cup is of great interest as well. While we hear all about House Unity, they are still competitive and want to prove who's the school's best House. And a healthy dose of competitiveness is always welcome among children. To keep it sound, Quidditch is the best medium to let it all pour out.

We see some of the most interesting events revolve around Quidditch matches. With Harry around, almost no game goes uneventful and unnoticed. He seems to attract all kinds of trouble at this time specifically. It's a wonder that he's not magically "summoned" all those registered fouls upon his poor head.

Now, if you are ready to remember every little bit you know about this game and beat this Quidditch test, let's proceed to the first question!

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