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By: Denis Priesnov
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Hogwarts offers an incredible array of subjects that everybody would like to learn. Frankly, we would all be just like Hermione gobbling up book after book and discovering new amazing things about the world of magic. We still get a chance to learn some things about the Hogwarts curriculum from the books, movies, and games. Let's check what you've learned in this Hogwarts studies quiz!

On the matter of lessons, which one is your favorite? Where would you shine and which one would you fail?

Here's a short top of my favorite lessons I'm sure I would study diligently to shine as a young witch.


Let's face it, Charms is the basics of living in a wizarding community. It teaches everything from simple household spells to powerful combat curses, and, supposedly, even a bit of healing magic, if I'm right. Does anyone have a reference for that? Because that is one hell of a useful direction to study. Even in daily life.

Charms teach you the skills that are used daily, and that can make you a wonderful witch on their own. Besides, its professor is one of the kindest and most-loved teachers in the school. How can you resist the charm of Professor Flitwick? Or, maybe, it's my Ravenclaw showing.


Potions may not be heavy on wand-use, but the effects you can reach via a potion is quite literally endless if you are skilled enough. The introductory speech of Snape's is impressive as well. Brew glory and beat death? Yes, please. The simplest potions may not be so remarkable (though an effective flu potion is also needed), but the further you go, the more extraordinary results you can achieve. Imagine the ability to brew Veritaserum or Felix Felicis? I'd study hard for that.

Yes, this is a challenging subject, like this Hogwarts quiz, but if you think of it as cooking instead of chemistry, it can even become fun.
hogwarts studies


This is another important branch of magic that is essential for a witch or a wizard. I may not need to turn an animal into a water goblet, but studying different conjuration and vanishment forms would be interesting.

Two of the more advanced branches of transfiguration are trans-species transformation and human transfiguration. Both come later in Hogwarts' years but possess some of the most exciting forms of magic you can imagine.


Even if you live in a peaceful time, you need to be trained in protective spells and a few offensive ones to feel safe in a world where any slightly crazy wizard can learn a Killing spell or some offensive magic. You need to learn to protect yourself and your family from the dangerous forms of magic that are more available than guns!

You may not need lots of it, but some will be of use later in life.

These are the top lessons I would be glad to learn at Hogwarts. Some of the other top entries on my list would be Ancient Runes, Alchemy, Apparition, and Dark Arts if I attended Durmstrang. A special place goes to History of Magic that I would like to learn from books, but certainly not from professor Binns. For more Hogwarts quizzes, you can try Voldemort and Dark Forces quiz

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