Harry Potter Quiz: Voldemort and Dark Forces

Voldermort Quiz


Who is the greatest villain of all? When it comes to the fictional universes, there are only a few villains as cruel as Voldemort. And even though he couldn't defeat a small boy over and over again, he was a fearsome opponent for the rest of the world. And this Harry Potter Voldemort quiz will check your knowledge!

Voldemort was known as a great wizard, dark but powerful, whose skills were second only to Albus Dumbledore. He was feared and respected throughout the better half of a century. To hold such power among your enemies and servants required some unique and phenomenal skills. But what is so special about this particular Dark Lord that makes him the most frightening one of all?


Before even learning about him being a wizard, young Tom expressed unthinkable magic powers and control for his age. Even the pure-blooded kids who grow strictly in a magical environment possess such skills right from the start.

When Albus visited Tom at the age of 11, the boy already could manipulate living beings, move and levitate objects, severely scare his fellows, etc. Such great instinctual use of magic may be coming from Tom's rich ancestry. Being a descendant of Salazar Slytherin, the boy had some powerful blood in his veins. Though his father was a muggle and his mother did not develop much of his magic abilities, genetics played its game-changer chip to immensely gift the boy. Remember that for this Voldemort quiz!

Later, Tom was known as a brilliant student with great potential. But what went wrong?


Though Tom was considered a role model for his fellow Hogwarts students, that was all a ruse. The charming, polite, and humble boy was the perfect cover for his true sinister intentions.

An interesting question arises - was there ever a chance to prevent Tom from becoming evil? Did the harsh life in the orphanage influence his behavior, or was he already s from the start?

Personally, I wonder if only Dumbledor managed to gain Tom's trust and lead him to the good side via friendly intentions, would we still have Voldemort? Or did Dumbledor's suspicion and animosity add to the boy's complexes and hatred?

Unfortunately, we will never know the correct answer to this question. Nevertheless, here's what we have. A young boy with questionable motives at the orphanage (a cruel world with a lack of love and proper mentoring) comes to Hogwarts, where he develops some disturbing beliefs and destructive dreams. Was it also the fault of some Slytherin blood purists? Unknown. Anyway, it leads to this Dark Magic quiz. The only thing we know, no matter what's influenced Tom, he was the one controlling other students during his senior years. And though he called his "merry gang" his friends, they were his servant, in reality.

And what are some of the questions you have about this fearsome Dark Lord and his followers? Do you wonder about the alternative scenarios or more details about his life? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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