Am I Pregnant? Check the Signs

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Early Signs of Pregnancy:

  • missed period
  • swollen breasts
  • nausea
  • high basal body temperature
  • fatigue

These are only a few of the early pregnancy signs. But they can already point you in the right direction! Considering that pregnancy is a personal process and the signs may differ, we suggest this pregnancy test gather the recent anamnesis (medical history of a patient).

Disclaimer: This is by no means a medically accurate pregnancy test that can give a 100% correct answer. To have an official conclusion, please, make an appointment with a doctor and run blood tests. Remember that home tests are only about 97-99% correct. Some official medical testing is required anyway.

What Can This Pregnancy Test Reveal?

This test is meant to analyze your current condition and the medical symptoms you may be experiencing. Ultimately, the program analyzes whether you display a combination of signs that may be connected to pregnancy.

Any of the typical pregnancy signs can be present in dozens of other conditions. ALone, none of them is an acceptable indicator. Combined, several signs have higher chances of indicating earl pregnancy.

Also, note that an absence of the signs does not automatically mean you are not pregnant. In the early stages, you may function as usual. Plus, even periods can be present during the first month (although usually not as heavy).

To gather an accurate representation, we ask you to provide your condition's details pertaining to last week.

What to Do If You Are Pregnant?

If you get a positive result in this quiz, there are a few steps following:

  1. Buy a home pregnancy test in a pharmacy. Better a couple of different brands.
  2. Make an appointment with your doctor. The home tests are just the baseline, the foundation. Then, you need to do official blood tests. If the home versions are negative, make an appointment with a general practitioner as the combination of the mentioned symptoms may indicate other types of illness.

As you make an appointment, make sure to bring "emotional support" to the clinic. Learning that you are pregnant is a shocking experience, even if you've been trying. So, it's highly advisable to find a close person who'll support you.

Are There Other Pregnancy Quizzes?

Unfortunately, an online quiz can do only so much when it comes to the medical field. Usually, we only gather the classic signs and symptoms of a condition and determine how many of them you possess. Thus, there are no 100% accurate quizzes out there. So, we highly suggest making an appointment with a medical professional.

If you are interested in the medical field and would like to assess your symptoms on other types of conditions, we can offer a few options here!

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