Riverdale Trivia Marathon



If you’re here, you’ve already seen all the seasons of Riverdale and would like to prove your skills in an ultimate trivia that encompasses the whole franchise, am I right? If so, you are in the right place! I’ve prepared a quiz for you that will test your might in everything that concerns Riverdale!

To master this test, you’ll have to know all the characters, their likes and dislikes, major and minor plot twists, and all the deaths that happen in this mystic town! And I’m not talking about Greendale. If you know what I mean;)

Anyway, you should know that this is a simple trivia quiz that gives you four possible answers to each question. However, there is only one that is correct. I’d like to calculate the chances of winning for you, but I prefer to leave math alone (all humanities students can understand!).

For now, I’ll just say that it’s all 50/50 - you’ll either ace it or not. And it’s up to you to decide the result!

Just know that you should’ve watched all the seasons!

For now, before the tricky part begins, I’d like to switch the topic to fun and frivolous.

Riverdale Quiz Types

riverdale quiz

What other Riverdale quiz would you like to see on this website? Yes, we all love a few minutes of trivia fun, but we all need diversity to keep us entertained. And considering that I want only the best for the audience, I suggest a community vote on what you want to see next. Among the options are

Who Is My Riverdale Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Who Are You From Riverdale

Who Is Your Best Friend In Riverdale

Are You Dark or Light Betty in Riverdale

Yes, I know that the last is a highly subjective topic, but I’d like to uncover the result for me. I believe some of you may want to as well. So do we pick dark Betty or one of the previous three? There are common options for quizzes, but I’d like to know which one you prefer.

Also, If we are talking about girlfriend/boyfriend scenarios, do I include both genders? Or do you want two separate quizzes? I know this may be a sensitive issue, so I’d like to hear your feedback.
Please, vote in the comments section below or on our social media platforms. We’ll hear you!

Riverdale Characters

riverdale quiz

Now, the question of the hour - who is your favorite Riverdale character?

I know it’s hard to choose, even among the main four! Plus, some major people like Cheryl! Every time I’m asked this question, I can’t answer. Even after years of watching the series, I’m not sure. Each of them has good and bad sides. Nobody is perfect, and nobody is truly evil. Well, except for a few exceptions.

So, I’m hoping you’ll be able to help me with the dilemma and offer your opinion on why your fav character is great! I hope we can all discuss the issue and enrich our views of each character.

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