Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend?

Is Your Boyfriend Worth You?


Should I break up with my boyfriend? This is a tricky question that many of us think about when a relationship faces challenges. Of course, the only correct answer should be determined by yourself, but a third-party opinion can open a new perspective for you. This quiz is meant to show you whether your boyfriend's habits are healthy and respectful towards you.

Human relationships are complex things that are unique in each particular case. People have their unique characters and the combination of two different people always comes with its ups and downs. Unfortunately, we are not a part of a whole; we are different. In a loving relationship, partners exist in balance. They find ways to compromise important issues and enjoy happy moments together.

And while we generally hope that love can conquer all, we also know that "love is blind." Thus, it's essential to take a different perspective on your relationship once in a while. And here is where this Boyfriend Quiz comes in handy! It's time to evaluate your partner and check whether you are indeed in a loving and respectful relationship.

Boyfriend Quiz Basics

should i break up with my boyfriend quiz

This boyfriend test is meant to show you the objective side of your partner's behavior. We cannot answer whether he loves you or not for sure; this can only be known to him. This is where we evaluate his habits and how he treats you! Here are the three possible results we've included:

  • you are perfect together; your boyfriend is great
  • your boyfriend is not perfect, but he can still change - talk to him
  • your boyfriend is the worst! you need to run fast and far away

These are somewhat generalized categories, but they suit the tone of this quiz perfectly. You'll have to take notice of his habits and decide whether your relationship (and him) is worth fighting for!

In detail about the results here.

Case 1

Do not break up with your boyfriend! Your relationship functions well, and he is a respectful person. He appreciates and loves you! You've got a great partner.

This is the result that most married couples would get. However, if your relationship is new, it may be the effects of being smitten away. Check his behavior, nevertheless.

Case 2

This is the most common cause. But nobody is. We are human, and we can be a bit spoilt, moody, and so on. The trick is in discussing your problems and looking for a mutually beneficial way to resolve them.

If you love him, it's time to talk about your relationship, wishes, and boundaries. Be open with him and discuss the issues that you'd like to change.

Case 3

You have to run ASAP! Your boyfriend displays too many red flags.

He is definitely not worth you. I hate to throw around such accusations, but he checks many abuser marks. Be careful around him and try to get your friends' help if needed.

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