Squid Game Trivia for Survivors

Squid Games


Squid Game games:

  • Red Light, Green Light
  • Sugar Honeycomb
  • Tug of War
  • Marbles
  • Hopscotch
  • Squid Game

Have you already seen the new hit Squid Game? Wait. What am I asking? If you are here, then you are already a fan and ready to answer some Squid Game trivia! I’m sure you’ve already seen numerous Squid Game memes and challenge videos.

Today, I challenge you to a hard trivia quiz where you’ll have to remember all the events’ players, games, and hosts. If you’ve watched the show a couple of times, you’ll have a significant advantage. I’m sure you’ll be able to answer all of the questions correctly.

Squid Game Trivia

squid game trivia

The above mentioned are all the games of the 2021 Event (let’s call it so to avoid the G-word). Plus, there is a recruiting game of flipping papers. I won’t tell you the exact name as you’ll have to remember its official name in one of the questions. And so many people are interested in the very first mini game mainly because of the charming recruiter, played by Gong Yoo. Hardly ever would refuse to play a game with such a Salesman. Even if you don’t have financial difficulties.

Anyway, the trivia will focus on the whole TV show and not only the game in particular. Several interesting storylines go through the whole series, and it’s a shame to leave them behind.

I know that it’s hard to remember Korean names if you are new to the culture. They are very unique and uncommon in Western countries. But that is the beauty of them. The Korean language is very pleasing to the ear, and the names sound great. It’s just a matter of how well you can remember them!

Plus, how are you with numbers? Do you remember the most important player numbers? I hope you do!

Please, share your result in the comments below so we can compare the statistics on such a popular show.

Squid Game Test Challenges

squid game trivia

Numerous people right now are testing the show’s games. In particular, the Honeycomb challenge. People are trying to complete the same task. Even the actors of the series have tried it. The results would be unfortunate if they were really playing!

However, numerous people have already mastered all the forms, even the toughest umbrella. Plus, I’ve seen even a few more complex shapes.

Overall, Squid Game is everything nowadays. The merc and its online presence overwhelm. So, it’s the prime time for a Squid Game quiz that will bring you back to those thrilling episodes. And will tell you just how much you remember.

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