What Stranger Things Character Are You?

Stranger Things


Stranger Things has already released three incredible seasons, and the fans await the upcoming episodes. We have seen the story from various angles, including kids, teens, and adults. All of them deal with the supernatural differently. Would you like to find out what you’d do if you were in Hawkins? What characters are the most relatable for you? We have prepared a Stranger Things quiz for this very purpose!

Here, you will uncover your secret twin, your soulmate, your reincarnation in the fictional world where Demogorgons exist. If you embark on this journey, you should come up with the best strategy! For that, learn your in-universe character twin and learn from their mistakes. This is the only way to survive this iconic horror.

Now, there’s also a basic Hawkins survival kit that you should have prepared in any case: a D&D guide, spiked bat, film camera, bike, and (for the topmost protection) Eleven. Though, if you are not Mike, you’ll find it hard to convince Eleven to fight on your side. But we believe in you!
Also, a scrunchie and Farrah Fawcett hair spay would do you good in this universe as well.

Which Stranger Things character are you?

Stranger Things Characters

One of the best parts of the show is its characters. Unlike in many other horror franchises, Stranger Things revolves around one hero and several groups of friends. Most importantly, each one of them is (equally) essential and is meant to solve its part of the puzzle known as Upside down.

The Kinds

We start the Stranger Things show with the kids and their antics. And we continue the story with their ever-present stories. They are the first ones to face Eleven and the most accepting of Demogorgon’s existence truly. In these kids, we see the strong influence of the numerous Stephen King’s young characters. We are shown a small group of friends that later grows with a couple of new members. You can easily find a relatable character in one of them! The boy’s dorky knowledge of D&D and similar fantasy settings gifts us the coolest TV show monikers.

The Teens

The teens are not the most accepting of the supernatural influence but are sure to face the danger sooner or later. In the case of Barb, the former suits better. One of the most exciting aspects of the teens’ part of the show is their dynamics and relationships. This is a hormone-fueled time that offers a look at the romantic elements of their lives in addition to the monstrous (literally!) ones. If you are a teen at heart, you can find some suitable Stranger Things characters as well!

The Adults

We all know that it’s always tough with adults when it comes to supernatural beings and occurrences. However, they catch up eventually and play a significant role in the story. After all, they can do more than kids, and if only they believe in the existence of monsters. But what adult can you be? A secret hero Jim Hopper? A badass mom Joyce? And don’t forget that cougar that gets a body whenever she wants!

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