The Witcher Quiz: Can You Get 100% "Hmm" Approval From Geralt?

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Welcome to the Witcher quiz, where you can test your knowledge of the recent Netflix show. The Witcher has gained massive popularity since its release on the streaming platform due to the franchise's popularity beforehand. The original book and the video games based on the series brought the masses' attention to Geralt and his adventures. Plus, there is an "old" Tv series that follows the book, but not many know about it. If you do, you can look at the way the natives see Gerald and other characters.

Those who have already seen the show, know of its tanged natures and that you have to watch every episode carefully. If you want to untangle the pot, you better pay attention to the names mentioned and events passed. That's a tiny reminder to the people who are new to the series and only plan to watch.

Here are a few things that you should know before starting the TV show on your screen:


Whether you are a fan of destiny, its role in your lives or not, you have to make peace with the fact that it's a major driving force in this universe. Have you heard of the Law of Surprise? It goes as follows: whenever a man feels indebted to you, he can act on the Law of Surprise. In the Witcher Netflix universe, this is a common law that invokes destiny nevertheless!! A man promises his "savior" the surprise that is still unknown to himself! It may be as simple as the new cattle born in his household or as drastic as the unborn child. Mind that we will see more than one inconvenience of destiny playing in such a nature.

Magic is somewhat unusual

Unlike Harry Potter, where magical communities live on their own far away from the public or, it's not the fantasy books where magic is ordinary and in general use. The Witcher offered us a look at the place where, yes, magic exists, but it is rare and often taken with cautiousness. The Witchers are often hated; the mages are perceived as dangerous. Yes, we see Geralt do a few signs and Yennefer showing off her tricks, but the general public finds it rare.

Triss Transformation

If you've ever played The Witched games or have read the books, you have set in your mind a specific image of Triss. She is a fair beauty with the locks of fire styles on her head. And this red-headed beauty behaves just right for the stereotype.

Though, the Netflix show had reimagined this beauty and hired a gorgeous actress Anna Shaffer for the role of Triss. This character turned out quite different from the source.


Expect a really complicated timeline in this show! We'll say it right now that here - not everything happens simultaneously in this show! Hardly anything does. So, be on the lookout for the switches and try to match the pieces as soon as possible to enjoy the series even more. That'll help you the Witcher trivia as well!

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The Witcher Quiz: Can You Get 100% "Hmm" Approval From Geralt? Questions

the witcher quiz How much did Tissaia pay for Yennefer?
  • 4 marks

  • 10 marks

  • 35 marks

  • 50 marks

the witcher quiz How many episodes are in The Witcher season 1?
  • 6

  • 8

  • 10

  • 12

the witcher quiz What's the name of the actress playing Ciri?
  • Freya Allan

  • Anna Shaffer

  • Anya Chalotra

the witcher quiz Name the forest run by dryads and hamadryads where Ciri hides in season 1.
  • Blessure

  • Maribor

  • Brokilon

  • Caed Dhu

the witcher quiz Is Cintra a part of Northern Kingdoms?
  • yes

  • no

the witcher quiz What is Tissaia's nickname for Yennefer?
  • numpty

  • piglet

  • ugly one

the witcher quiz During her arrest in Rinde, Yennefer was magically helping a couple. What was the problem?
  • alcoholism

  • infertility

  • impotence

  • an ancestral curse

the witcher quizzes Who was Yennefer accompanying on the journey to hunt a dragon?
  • Galahad

  • Eyck of Denesle

  • Guillaume de Launfal

  • Ramon du Lac

the witcher quizzes Who was the father of the striga "saved" by Geralt?
  • Foltest

  • Ostrit

  • Eist

  • Niedamir

the witcher quizzes Who is Villentretenmerth?
  • a Nilfgaardian Usurper

  • an Elvish Prince

  • a Warrior Queen of Dryads

  • a Golden dragon

the witcher quizzes What creatures bit Gerald in episode 8 when he was protecting a merchant?
  • vampires

  • ghouls

  • drowners

  • banshees

the witcher quizzes What is this creature called?
  • kambi

  • leshy

  • bruxa

  • hirikka

the witcher trivia What is the first monster shown in the Witcher Netflix series?
  • kikimora

  • krallach

  • sylvan

  • Cursed One

the witcher trivia Which of these canonical Witcher creatures does not appear (or at least mentioned) in the Netflix series?
  • doppler

  • ghoul

  • basilisk

  • harpy

the witcher trivia What's Geralt's mother's name?
  • Visenna

  • Virfuri

  • Dara

  • Sabrina

the witcher trivia What are the names of three young initiates that Yenefer meets in her old room in Aretuza?
  • Fola, Glacella, and Murta

  • Keira, Dolores, and Anisse

  • Eryka, Bertha, and Helma

  • Genny, Freya, and Felicia

the witcher test What place was Mousesack originally from?
  • Skellige

  • Cidaris

  • Temeria

  • Aedirn

the witcher quiz Which of these girls did manage to safely catch lightning in a bottle?
  • Yennefer

  • Doralis

  • Annica

  • Sabrina

the witcher trivia How much money was Geralt offered to slay "the devil that was stealing their grain" in the tavern where he met Jaskier?
  • 50 ducats

  • 100 ducats

  • 200 ducats

  • 20 ducats

the witcher quiz What's the name of the Elven King who managed to capture Geralt?
  • Imlerith

  • Lorethiel

  • Aelirenn

  • Filavandrel

the witcher quiz In what season 1 episode do we Jaskier for the last time?
  • 5

  • 6

  • 7

  • 8

the witcher What alias did Ciri choose to give to the dryads?
  • Cleora

  • Dana

  • Renfri

  • Fiona

the witcher When Geralt and Ciri finally meet, what are the first words spoken?
  • Who is Yennefer?

  • Are you Geralt? I was looking for you

  • People linked by Destiny will always find each other

  • You are the Child of Surprise

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