Only the Toughest Walking Dead Survivors Can Get 100% on This Quiz

Walking Dead


The Long Story of The Walking Dead

Are you a true fan who’s stayed with the Walking Dead series all the ways to its milestone tenth season? Then, you’ve had a fantastic decade with one of the best “zombie apocalypse” TV shows of all time! This Walking Dead quiz is meant to test your knowledge of the series and how good you remember all its seasons.
If you are a newbie only at the beginning of this Zombie Journey, you’ll be able to enjoy quite a few of our questions yourself. We hope you will revisit this quiz after another season binge once again!

Now, what’s so unique about the series? What have we learned so far?

Lots of Cool Characters

The apocalyptic circumstances of the show are perfect for carving out strong characters with an emotional backstory. And that is exactly what the audience loves the most. All of the main characters are diverse and multi-faceted. We see them hurt and vulnerable whenever new challenges come, or they are reminiscent of the past. We see them struggling to survive and coming up with brilliant plans. On occasion, we see them being cruel and evil, as there is no other choice in a harsh post-apocalyptic world.

The series may contain lots of cruel and harsh moments, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! And with the departure of most beloved characters throughout the seasons, the upcoming one should have some amazing tricks in its sleeve to compensate!

Zombies, duh!

Who doesn’t love a post-apocalyptic world filled with gruesome zombies and people struggling to survive, right? This is the perfect combination of action, horror, and drama that gets under the skin of various audiences. Of course, in the limits of the Walking Dead show's PG rating.

We just love these zombies and their portrayal. And every episode, we ponder on how we would act to survive amidst them.

Have you checked the whole franchise?

The devoted fans know that the Walking Dead is much more than the TV show that has hooked us. And they use every chance to dive deeper into the universe and learn new stories and characters.

If you haven’t discovered all its wonders yet, check out the following mediums:

Comic books

This is the original source of the story. It all began with a comic book (as many central cinematic universes of today). We highly recommend reading the comic books that are being republished in full color this year!!!


This post-series creation was released after the franchise got its fans from the comics and the TV show. You can enjoy five video games created by Telltale Games. All of these follow the comic book universe. In addition, various creators released a few thematic board games, card games, and a few other video games.


Yes, if you are a fan of novels, you can enjoy the Walking Dead’s exciting stories in this format! The best are written by Robert Kirkman & Jay Bonansinga.

Web Series

While we await the comics’ full-color editions, the web series offers us a colorful chance to enjoy this post-apocalyptic world on the go! Alongside a variety of Walking Dead quizzes.

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