Who is Your Sexy Twilight Boyfriend?



Twilight was one of the most talked-about movies by press and fans alike at the time of its release. The wide popularity of the franchise still keeps it an iconic film for teen girls all over the world. Besides, the #TeamJacob and #TeamEdward hashtags are still going around! In this quiz, we'll finally determine who is your ultimateTwilight boyfriend! And we did not limit ourselves to just these two obvious choices.

Ready to find out what other hunks are hidden in this quiz? Let's catch up on Twilight's history before that.

The Vampire Era

Of course, the Twilight movie was not our first journey into the undeniably sexy world of vampires. Yes, they are usually bad guys. Yes, they drink blood and happen to kill people. But do we find them highly appealing? Yes, yes, without a doubt!

Such classics as Bram Stoker's Dracula and Interview with the Vampire introduced this world of immortals to many of us. Then, there was Buffy the Vampire Slayer that secured this "sexy reputation" for vampires. Yes, we now have a wide choice of fictional vampires to lust after, but let's admit it, Angel and Spike were the first vampire love for many of us! They offered a perfect choice of bad boys with a tender side to the teen girls. Still, this dynamic duo did not bring such hype to vampire romance, as Twilight did.

The seed of vampires attraction reached its full bloom in 2005-2008, depending on whether you read the books first. After that, writers and movie directors uncovered the true extent of teens (and tweens) love for supernatural romance and exploited it for years. Well, they still do and we still appreciate new titles.

After Twilight, we saw a significant number of vampires of various tastes appear on screen. Many later shows and movies took a darker reimagining of supernatural beasts, catered to a slightly older audience. But the stories always had a romantic plot.

Twilight Men

While the majority of Twilight characters happen to be vampires, let's not forget about the wolves on steroids with an odd habit to parade shirtless. And that is a blessing considering their impressive physique.

Yes, several human males deserve our attention as well, but we've decided to make this quiz strictly supernatural. So Vampires and Werewolves that is!

Though they shine on the sun, Twilight vampires come with a dark side, as they really should. As for the werewolves, they are not always as explosive and dangerous (even to your loved ones, right, Emily?) as we see Leah and the boys behave. You can find a fine specimen in both species.

So, are you ready to dive into the cloudy Forks to meet your supernatural soulmate? Or would you wish to meet them at different periods of their lives?

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