What Type of Bender Are You? Discover Your Magic Element

Your Bending Element


Avatar Element quiz!

The world of Avatar has 4 elemental bending types: 

  • waterbending 
  • earthbending
  • firebending
  • airbending

Plus, there is one more type that can be distinguished into its own category

  • energy bending 

This fictional world is a vast universe of seasons and seasons of world- and story building. Personally, I love the original Airbender story better than the Korra continuation. But that is a matter of taste. 

Today, we are here to talk about bending techniques! 

What Is This Avatar Bender Quiz About? 

In this quiz, we are meant to determine which elemental energy you can bend! Each person has the ability to master one type of bending in its nature. Yes, there are certain exceptions (Avatars mainly) who can control all four. However, you have to be a chosen one to do that. 

Thus, regularly, you’ll have to deal with one type of bending. But how do we determine what element suits you the best? Via this quiz, of course! 

You’ll be given a series of questions. I’m looking for truthful answers! Or, at least, those that seem the most relatable! This way, the test will determine what element and type of bending is the closest to you. 

Remember that there are certain distinctive features of each bending, and you should be comfortable with the style. What are they exactly? 

What Type of Bender Are You? 


what bender am i

This is the mastery of controlling water. As water is an element of change, your fighting is very adaptable and diverse. Water benders can quickly change between offense and defense. This may be a harder type of bending to master than the straightforward ones, but it’s very adaptable to the fighting style of each person! 

There are also two awe-inspiring special skills available to these benders - healing and bloodbending. The latter is a form of controlling any organism’s body, including humans. 


what bender m i

Just as the wind is free and fast, this bending is swift. Air bending is an agile technique that primarily focuses on defense and evasion of straight attacks. Though, if you master it fully, you can easily knock someone off and deal with powerful strikes. 

Generally, air benders focus on counterattacks as their main offense force! 

The subskills of this element are very impressive - flights and spiritual projection. 


what bender am i

This is a somewhat unique type of bending as its masters are often stagnant while concentrating on connecting to the earth and neutral jing. In the fight, however, they are capable of both defense and offense. Therefore, they rely on strength and fortitude. 

Earthbending has three sub-skills: lava bending, metal bending, and seismic sense. 


what bender am i

This is the most straightforward bending type and disruptive element. It has a history of successful practice “based on hatred” to fuel the feelings, but it is not necessary, really. 

Unlike other types that greatly rely on the elements around them, fire benders utilize their internal heat source. At the top of firebending abilities, masters can create a special kind of fire that is hotter than usual - blue. 

The sub-skills are the following: combustionbending, lightning generation and redirection. 

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