What Seven Deadly Sin Are You?

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 4 months ago
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Which seven deadly sins are you? I bet their lives at least one sin inside of you! Just as it is inside all of us. The list of 7 sins goes as following

  • pride
  • greed
  • envy
  • wrath
  • lust
  • gluttony
  • sloth
That is not the exact order, but that is how I imagine them. No matter whether you are a religious person or not, these are the qualities we all have inside, at least to some point. You may not see them as sins, though.

I wonder which of these characteristics do you believe are sins? Do you truly believe sloth is? What about lust? Please, leave your opinions and lists in the comments section below!

Personally, I think that all these characteristics are natural in humans. It becomes an issue when you indulge in them and go overboard. Is it sin, then? Debatable! But let's leave such debates for religious groups and studies.

Overall, this is an interesting concept people believe in. I'm more interested in how these traits were chosen in the first place? Why these seven? Let's take a closer look at them before this 7 deadly sins quiz.
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Pride can be harmful in the wrong hands. Clinic narcissism strongly revolved around pride and egocentrism. And we all know how toxic narcissists can be. Pride becomes a dangerous quality when taken to extremes, both to the person and their close surroundings.
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Greed is a negative quality; that's the universal truth. Greedy people are shunned by most nationalities and religions. There is nothing pleasant about a greedy person. In times of enormous social gaps between rich and poor, the distaste is heightened.
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Envy is a toxic trait for the carrier beforehand. When you are envious, it feels like you are rotting inside. It eats you alive. There is no harm to the surrounding people, but your mental health is in peril!
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Hot-headed explosive people may reach a limit where their sanity is compromised. Rage is an unreliable emotion and, sometimes, makes people do despicable things that they would never do when calm. This is a dangerous sin for third parties as well.
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In the ancient times of the great influence of religion, lust and sex were not discussed and publicly frowned upon. Behind the closed doors, beds saw many explicit situations; there's no doubt. It's hard to believe that something so strongly present in our nature can be a sin.
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I find that gluttony may be an incorrect notice. Why not include "indulgence" as a whole? Not only food and drinks are tempting us. Actually, gluttony may have similar roots to greed, don't you think so?
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I'm a huge sloth. Thus, I cannot put this sin to the top of wrongful sins. Yes, laziness is a negative characteristic, and you should learn to eliminate it, but is it so sinful? Let's discuss?
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I hope to see more discussion on the topic and to hear What Seven Deadly Sin Are You?

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What Seven Deadly Sin Are You? Questions

7 deadly sins test Choose a color
  • violet

  • blue

  • red

  • pink

  • yellow/gold

  • orange

  • green

7 deadly sins test On a free day, you'd rather
  • play games

  • watch movies/series

  • go to some event

  • meet with friends

  • cook or order something tasty

  • just sleep all day

7 deadly sins test Are you more dominant or submissive?
  • dominant

  • submissive

  • switch

7 deadly sins test Choose a place to live
  • Japan

  • Germany

  • France

  • Italy

  • Netherlands

  • Great Britain

  • Switzerland

7 deadly sins test Would you rather eat snake or tell your crush you love them?
  • eat a snake

  • tell I love them

7 deadly sins test Which Horseman of Apocalypse scares you the most?
  • conquest

  • war

  • famine

  • death

7 deadly sins test What is your favorite season?
  • winter

  • spring

  • summer

  • autumn

7 deadly sins test You are more afraid
  • to be alone

  • to be a fool

  • to be open with people

  • to be hideous

7 deadly sins test If you were an animal, which of these would you rather be
  • a lion

  • a wolf

  • a panther

  • a sloth

  • a olorful bird

  • a rabbit

  • a cat

7 deadly sins test In a perfect world when you don't need to work to be able to buy things, would you still work?
  • yes, I need to have a hobby

  • yes, I still want even more money

  • no, I'll lazy around

7 deadly sins test What book do you like best?
  • 1984

  • The Hunger Games

  • Brave New World

  • Fahrenheit 451

  • The Handmaid's Tale

  • Animal Farm

7 deadly sins test What personal trait are you most proud of?
  • stubborness

  • intelligence

  • stunning looks

  • resourcefullness

  • I'm not really into self-appreciation

7 deadly sins test Right now, how many deadly sins can you name?
  • only 2-3

  • around 4-6

  • all 7!

7 deadly sins test If you had to choose between food and sex, what would you select?
  • food

  • sex

  • I can't choose!

7 deadly sins test Choose a book
  • Aeneid

  • Inferno

  • Eric

  • The Divine Comedy

  • Four Psychos

  • neither

7 deadly sins test Do you admit that you have more than one of the 7 deadly sins?
  • yes

  • no

7 deadly sins test Imagine that a professor asks you a question but you don't know the answer...
  • come up with something fairly close to the topic

  • I can successfully answer anything!

  • truthfully say that you don't know the answer

  • why should I answer anyway?

7 deadly sins test What do you think of photoshopped photos?
  • they are totally fake and should be made illegal!

  • they are okay if changed in moderation

  • let them be; everyone can show whatver version of their body they like the best

7 deadly sins test Which of these characteristics do you hate the most in other people?
  • Impatience

  • Lacking empathy

  • Constant complaining

  • Greed

  • Laziness

  • Narcissism

7 deadly sins test What kind of games do you prefer?
  • gambling games

  • tabletop games

  • video games

  • 18+ games

  • drinking games

7 deadly sins test To your mind, which sin is the worst?
  • pride

  • greed

  • envy

  • wrath

  • lust

  • gluttony

  • sloth

7 deadly sins test If your friend makes a mistake, how do you react?
  • I immediately blow up

  • I don't really care

  • I'm secretely glad; I like when they make mistakes

  • I try to support and console them

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