Encanto Character Quiz, Which One Are You?



Encanto is one of the best Disney movies of this century. While everyone was enchanted by the songs from Frozen, Disney hired the acclaimed Broadway songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda to compose some of the best Disney songs ever!

If you haven't heard about Encanto, I don't know what planet you've been living on. This story is an emotional and inspiring one with a multitude of unique characters that people can relate to.

So, in today's Encanto quiz, we'll be determining what is your Encanto character. WHo suits you most?


Michael is the protagonist of the movie, yes. But she is more than the typical Disney cutie (though they can be unique and interesting), she is the savior of the movie. Mirabel is no damsel in distress. Yes, she is kind and calm, the heroine is also courageous!

Marvel is devoted to her family and is the heart and soul of it!


Bruno is the eccentric brother of the family. He has an exceptional gift of seeing the future. However, despite his kind nature, people are afraid of his strong gift and cause self-deprecating thoughts.
When it comes to the family, Bruno is ready to sacrifice his well-being for the well-being of the family!


Luisa is the eldest sister and the strongest one. Both physically and regarding her position in the family's third generation. Luisa carries family responsibilities on her shoulders and feels like she always should be around to deal with the situation. When, it fact, Luisa needs some proper rest from the family and responsibilities herself.


Dolores hears everything. Truly! You say a secret and Dolores will know it immediately! No guarantee that the girl will keep it to herself, but everything is possible. She is a big gossiper, but could save Bruno's secret along with mice in the wall, couldn't she?


Among all the Encanto characters, Isabela is the most gorgeous one. And that brings a certain type of responsibility that Isabela condemns for the family. The girl wants to e free. Instead she has to be perfect and that is the first thing from the freedom you can find.


Julieta is Mirabel's Mother. And she fills this role absolutely perfectly. Julieta is the caring type who tries to support her daughter in all circumstances. Granted, that is ineffective against the leader f the family, but Julieta's overall caring nature and gift are enchanting.


Do you think Antonio's gift is actually calling down Pepa? As her son, he got the shapeshifting ability that he uses for tricks and mischief mostly.

However, there is a completely fine explanation for his gift for the sake of the family - espionage.


What to say about Pepa? She has amazing power and is a bit of a drama queen. Yet, she does what is wanted from her family. although the queen" of the family has mood swings, the village continues to grow and prosper thanks to Pepa's weather manipulation.

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