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Every October, people of all ages prepare for the scariest holiday of the year. Halloween is the epitome of frightening fun that allows us to unleash our demons for the day. As kids, we can throw a white sheet with holes for the eyes and be a cute little ghost. But with time, our costumes become more elaborate and, unexpectedly, sexy. Teens tend to add a new flair to this holiday. So, let's find out what kind of costume you should wear in this Halloween quiz.
what should i be for halloween

The Symbolism of Halloween

Traditionally, Halloween was a scary night dealing with ghosts, not candies. Its origins go way back to ancient Celts, who knew this October night as Samhein. This day marked the end of harvest and the beginning of a cold and dark season. Celts dressed in costumes and danced around the bonfire to ward off ghosts. They believe that on this night, the boundary between ours and the world of dead was thinning, and all kinds of scary things could breach it. The costumes were meant to hide people from them.

In time, Celtic rituals and new Christianity fests blended and replaced the original meaning. Thus, Samhain became All Saints Day, also known as All-Hallows Eve.

Halloween traditionally comes with a variety of symbols, universal to many countries. All the Halloween quizzes use such paraphernalia.

Skulls and skeletons

This symbol derives from the Celtic Samhain rites and beliefs that the dead come to this world on this day. Thus, skeletons and ghosts are meant to represent this supernatural involvement of the departed souls.


Similar to the skeleton, devil horns are the classic symbol that connects Halloween with the world of the dead and hell.


People unfamiliar with folklore may be confused with the importance of carved pumpkins for Halloween. But this symbol derives from the Irish tale of Stingy Jack. This young fellow tried to play a trick on Devil. As a punishment, he had to wander the Earth with a resting place for eternity with only a glowing ember from the Devil, which Jack put in a carved-out turnip as a lantern.

Thus, this symbol comes from Ireland, where people would use a carved turnip to ward off evil spirits.

Vampires and bats

Vampires are universally synonymous with death and horror. Bats are often associated with the supernatural and mystic. Plus, they are the natural vampires of the animal world. The rumored ability of vampires to turn into bats makes these animals even more evil.

Plus, the ancient Samhain bonfires would attract bats as well.
what should i be for halloween quiz

Witches and Back cats

In Medieval times, witchcraft was associated with the Devil. There were no good witches; they were scary and wicked by default. As for the cat, people believed that they could turn into a black cat and become a familiar for a witch. You could hardly see one without the other.

These traditional symbols of Halloween will help you to make this year's costume scary and atmospheric. Adding a bat clip to your hair or red devil horns alone are enough accessories to add a Halloween spirit to any outfit. Now, when you ask yourself "what should I be for Halloween," you can visit this quiz for cool ideas!

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