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Dragon Ball Z is an adaptation of the highly popular manga Dragon Ball. The series is well-known outside of Japan and has fans all over the world. The show may be considered a classic for many anime enthusiasts. Yet, it is a popular title among a variety of viewers.

Both the manga and the series are a constant presence on the recommended lists. Whether you are new to anime and don't know where to start or wish to watch a high-quality series, the experts recommend Dragon Ball among other leading shows. Being so highly regarded after decades since the initial release is the utmost praise for an anime.

Dragon Ball Z characters have a unique style distinguishable among all other shonen titles. The animation style and catching soundtracks make any moment of an episode an instant give-away of the title.

In the years after its release, the mange has spawned a highly successful TV series, 15 movies, and over a hundred video games of various scales. This reach franchise offers tons of entertainment for those who get enticed by its characters and plot.

We had decided to join the fandom and prepared a fun quiz for all the fans. Would you like to know which Dragon Ball Z character are you?

3 Reasons to Watch Dragon Ball Z

If you haven't watched the series yet, here are three main reasons why you should waste no time and binge this classic.

  • Art and voice acting.
As we've mentioned before, the animation is superb, even for the current standards. The art used for both the manga and anime makes it distinguishable among all other titles. The illustrator's style is not considered among the best in the world. This is the epitome of great art. In addition, the voice acting in both the Japanese and English dubbing are superb! As always, we recommend watching anime with original sound and subs, though.

  • Fun fillers
Most of the fans do not appreciate excessive fillers in many shows. They are often dull, unrealistic for the setting, and seem to drag for eternity. You'll find some of the best filler arcs in the long-running anime titles ever in Dragon Ball Z. All of them are interesting and fun to watch. Some are simply hilarious. Unlike many other anime filler arcs, these enrich the character personalities and make us love them even more.

  • The Fights!
The fight choreography of the series is insane. Of course, it often comes down to who can present us with the loudest battle cry, but quite a few fights look so well-done. The strategy and techniques of many characters are impressive, even for the genre that specializes in them. When you watch the original series, you'll know what we are talking about!

These are the main reasons while you have to take a look at this massive franchise ASAP. The setting, plot, and characters are also top-notch! Just give the franchise a chance, and it will become your favorite.

Or now, let's find out your future in the Dragon Ball Z series!

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Which Dragon Ball Z Character Are You? Questions

dragon ball z quiz Describe your desired physique
  • tall and muscular

  • average-height and relatively slim

  • short and fit

  • super-tall and muscular

what dragon ball character are you What race would you like to be?
  • Saiyan

  • Mutant

  • Demonic Namekian

  • half-breed

what dragon ball character are you Are you ready to get married?
  • yes

  • no

what dragon ball character are you Describe your hairstyle.
  • unruly and spikey

  • bald

  • short and stylish

what dragon ball character are you What outfit would you wear?
  • something with a cape

  • a simple Gi

  • full-body jumpsuit with armor

  • an alien battle armor

what dragon ball character are you What personality traits describe you the best?
  • grumpy, honest, sometimes cocky

  • caring, energetic

  • arrogant, cruel, feeling superior

  • kind, shy, and pure

  • evil yet elegant and regal

which dragon ball character are you How much do you like good food?
  • I adore food

  • I wouldn't say no to good food

  • I mostly appreciate food for its nutritious value

  • food is not important to me

which dragon ball character are you Would you train with weighted clothing?
  • yes

  • no

which dragon ball character are you What is your hobby?
  • travel

  • sports

  • reading

  • yoga/meditation

which dragon ball character are you Are you quick to lose your temper?
  • extremely

  • not quick, but it happens

  • no

which dragon ball character are you What frightens you the most?
  • needles

  • dogs

  • creepy-crawlies

  • height

  • darkness

  • losing my family

  • I fear being weak

which dragon ball character are you Which of these Marvel/DC characters do you like the most?
  • Nick Fury

  • The Hulk

  • Superman

  • Loki

  • General Zod

which dbz character are you When an enemy comes to your home, you:
  • lure them away to save your family

  • attack straight away

  • keep calm while devising a strategy

  • destroy them and everybody nearby

which dbz character are you Do you attack first or wait for the opponent's move?
  • I always give my blows first

  • I wait to size up my opponent

  • I always have a trick up my sleeve for the first move

which dbz character are you Would you like to use psychic powers when fighting?
  • defiitely yes

  • no

which dbz character are you Why would you try to gather all 7 Dragon Balls?
  • to gain ultimate power

  • to bring a loved one from the dead

  • to destroy all your enemies

  • to destroy them

which dbz character are you What movie would you watch right now?
  • Star Wars

  • Superman

  • The Karate Kid

  • Léon: The Professional

which dbz character are you Do you feel a strong connection to your parents?
  • yes

  • no

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