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Top 5 NBA players of 2022:

  • Stephen Curry
  • Nikola Jokic
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo
  • Kevin Duran
  • Kawhi Leonard

Are you a fan o NBA? Do you know all these young names of a popular US sport? If you are a devoted fan, I'm sure you know these players and everything there is to know about NBA history. And that was a colorful history! Lots of brilliant players, records, and controversies. If you are someone who can answer some tricky questions about NBA's past and present, welcome to the quiz. If not, try your luck and learn new exciting things about the sport along the way!

NBA Quiz

NBA quiz

This NBA test covers only the most interesting details any fan should know about their favorite competitive sport. Here, you'll find lots of exciting details, personal records, and players and teams! I've gathered only the trivia that is widely known. Thus, you should have no problem completing it in a matter of minutes. Your result will uncover how well you know this sport.

The whole quiz contains 25 tet questions with four possible answers each. But beware! Only one of them is correct. I wish you all the luck and memory boost to complete this test with flying colors!

NBA Trivia Statistics

NBA quiz

Note that all of these are the official NBA statistics. These may be of help in this very quiz. Or not! Who knows.

I just want to compare the current NBA stats with some numbers from the past that you'll read further!

  1. Points per game. Kevin Durant has the highest number of points per game in this season - 29.3.
  2. Three-pointers. An impressive three-point percentage lead goes to P.J. Tucker with 47.1%.
  3. Historica record. Recently, "LeBron James became the 42nd player in NBA history to collect 10,000 career rebounds".
  4. The current season leaders are Denver Nuggets.
  5. In 2021, NBA FInals broadcast averaged 9.91M viewers, which is better than 2020 stats. However, it's far less than the regular number that significantly exceeds 10M viewers. The previous under 10M was in 2007 with only 9.29M.

These are the simple statistics that show the NBA's development over the years and the recent achievements of this season.

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Good luck with this quiz and any test that you will complete after that


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