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By: Denis Priesnov
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That 70s Show was one of the most popular shows for teenagers in the 2000s. Though it focused on the characters of an era long gone, the ultimate teenage problems and situations remain the same in all these years. This show showed many of us that we are not alone in our fears and issues.

That 70s show may seem a bit idealized compared to many modern sitcoms and comedies, but is it still a relatable story with evolving characters? Children of the 90s had a chance to show up alongside That 70s characters and undergo the same change in values. But even if you've watched the series later online, I'm sure you've found it entertaining and relatable!

I know that so many people love the show just as much as I do. So, this quiz has been brewing in my mind for a long time! Now, I've finally decided to make a trivia test to check how well the audience knows these characters! Are you ready to check your memory and knowledge?

What Is That 70s Show Quiz About?

that 70s show quiz
This is a comprehensive list of the main Gang plus a few recurring characters who may be of interest to fans. I've gathered them all here with their little secrets, personal life details, and simple goofs they exchange!

I'll try to provide some interesting bits about them all! I'm sure you'll remember most of the facts I've prepared. If you are a true fan.

Tell me, how many times have you watched the show?

What, only once? That is not enough?

It seems like a hundred already? That is what I'm looking for! You'll do well here. I'm sure you'll get the best possible result!

That 70s Show Character Quiz!

that 70s show quiz
Now, I've already mentioned it is a list of trivia about the show's main characters. Plus, some recurring favorites; let's not forget them! And while this is a great way to know the character better, I have another exciting idea.

How about a personality quiz where you get to become one of the characters? Or have a relationship with one of them. Would you like such a quiz as well? Please, let us know in the comments section whether another 70s Show quiz would be appreciated.

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That 70s Show Quiz - Can You Get 100%? Questions

that 70s show trivia When Hyde and Kelso fight, the latter always yells:
  • Shut Up!

  • Ow, My Eye!

  • Hands Off!

  • Enough! Enough!

that 70s show trivia How many people do we actually see Jackie kiss?
  • 4

  • 5

  • 6

  • 7

that 70s show trivia Okay, a bit of an R question: Jackie first experienced orgasm with
  • Kelso

  • Hyde

  • Fez

  • none of them

that 70s show trivia Which of these characters does not appear in all 200 episodes of the show?
  • Jackie

  • Donna

  • Hyde

  • Eric

that 70s show trivia Jackie has a cute stuffed unicorn. What's its name?
  • Snugglebug

  • Fuzzy Wuzzy

  • Mr Hugglesworth

  • Fluffycakes

that 70s show trivia What's on Eric's tattoo?
  • Pink Panther

  • Woodstock

  • Ninja Turtle

  • Wilma Flintstone

that 70s show trivia What character was mentioned to be born with a tail?
  • Eric

  • Fez

  • Laurie

  • Leo

that 70s show trivia Which of these languages can Fez speak?
  • Russian

  • Dutch

  • Hungarian

  • Finnish

that 70s show trivia Who of the gang as the last to lose virginity?
  • Fez

  • Donna

  • Hyde

  • Eric

that 70s show trivia What instrument can Fez play?
  • guitar

  • violin

  • xylophone

  • maraca

that 70s show trivia Who said this: "Wow! It's every little girl's dream to get married out of spite!"
  • Donna

  • Jackie

  • Laurie

  • Kitty

that 70s show trivia Who said this: "If we're meant to be together, then we'll end up together."
  • Eric

  • Hyde

  • Donna

  • Kitty

that 70s show trivia Which of these nicknames was not used for Kelso?
  • Jughead

  • Michelle

  • The King

  • Mr. Awesome

that 70s show quiz Which of these nicknames is Eric's?
  • Big Chief Brown Bottom

  • Puddin' Pop

  • Dr. Pee Pee

  • Cocoa Puff

that 70s show quiz What was the name of Fez' crazy girlfriend?
  • Monica

  • Lisa

  • Karen

  • Caroline

that 70s show quiz What is Kelso's daughter's name?
  • Betsy

  • Rose

  • Amanda

  • Heather

that 70s show quiz At one point, Pastor Dave leaves church but returns later. But why?
  • middle age crisis

  • he has drinking problems

  • his flock was annoying

  • wanted to watch football on Sundays

that 70s show quiz In what season does Fenton first appear?
  • 4

  • 5

  • 6

  • 7

that 70s show quiz What's Jackie's middle name?
  • Cassandra

  • Dalia

  • Beulah

  • Adelyn

that 70s show quiz What is the first ever line in the show?
  • What's wrong with your dad's hair?

  • Hi, Dad.

  • Ouch, my nose!

  • Eric, it is time!

that 70s show trivia When Donna and Fez pretend to go out, what movie do they watch?
  • Star Wars Ep. IV

  • The Goodbye Girl

  • The Turning Point

  • Kingdom of the Spiders

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