Ultimate UEFA Champions League Quiz

European Cup and UEFA Champions League


The UEFA Champions League is an annual club football competition awaited by millions of fans worldwide. If you've ever been interested in the sport, you should know that this is one of the most important competitions of the year!

The Champions League often brings us unexpected results and always a thrilling final match. In such a tournament, when you see only the best of the best compete, spectacular matches are guaranteed.

Even though, among the millions of fans, there are different types of them. Some people are just there for the finals, others leisurely watch the qualifications and visit the most exciting matches in stadiums. However, one kind of fan is the most devoted - the ones who know everything about the competition, its best teams, and the star players.

Are you one of them? Can you name me a dozen of UEFA records? If so, I welcome you to try this quiz!

What is a UEFA Quiz About?

champions league quiz

Considering the long history of the tournament in question, this quiz tests your knowledge in its entirety - both the European Cup and the Champions League.

So, be prepared to dig in your memory for the history of the tournament even before your birth! As a true fan, I hope you've done your homework and can impress even the most hardcore Ultras fans. Are you already one of them? Then, I'm sure you can ace this quiz and even teach me the most amazing UEFA records.

Overall, I'll touch upon several categories in this quiz:

Champions League Details

champions league quiz

Such questions will test your knowledge n the general rules and structure of the league. This is probably the easiest section you'll face here.

Countries and Teams

The top UEFA teams set many records. And I'm sure you know which ones I'm talking about. However, I've decided to add some information about particular countries and how well they perform in the tournament.


This is the most interesting and most challenging section of the quiz. Here, you'll see many goals, winnings, and simply an impressive performance from the top players in football history. Some are already the history of another era, and others are currently in play.

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