Are You Top or Bottom?

Top or Bottom


Are you top or bottom? And we are not talking about bunk beds! We are talking about intimate relationships and your character!

All genders and sexual preferences can take this quiz! Top or bottom refer to "boys love," "BDSM," and various kinks. The generalized question allows you to determine your character and behavioral patterns outside of the societal norms. No matter what relationship you choose, your character and subconscious behavior will determine your role in a couple.

How Are Top and Bottom Determined?

The main way to determine your role is by asking you personal questions! We don't do tarot reading or psychic voodoo here! This one is just focused on studying your preferences and your history of behavior. Thus, the accuracy of the result depends solely on how honest you are in your answers! If you manage to open up and choose the most appropriate answer,

Usually, tops and bottoms have certain traits common to the group. They are universal and may differ from person to person. However, if you show plenty of them, it'll be enough to determine whether you are top or bottom during sexual encounters. How did you behave? Were you the initiator, or were you led? Also, the literal position during sex may tell a lot as well.

This way may not be accurate, though, for many reasons. Starting from your partners to your mental state when alone with them, and to other various aspects.

Do I Have to Be a Top or Bottom?

Of course not! The world is not so black and white. You do not have to be either. You can be neither or both! No rule prohibits you from being versatile. You may love experimenting and be free to do anything. If you love diversity and love changing roles, you'll get the according result.

Besides, if you get a result that doesn't really feel like you (mistakes happen, either human or computer error), do not be pressured to change your habits. You are who you are! This quiz may just be too tricky for you.
However, you may also find that this quiz brings you clarity on the matter you were not sure about. In this case, we encourage you to explore your desires and be open with your partner.

A simple yet not 100 percent accurate way to suspect your role is to take notice of your previous behaviors and wishes. It's always fun to be clear and discuss your boundaries so you can enjoy a variety of options together.

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